Promotional video of Xiaomi 12 leaked

After the leaked images of the Xiaomi 12, the promotional video of the Xiaomi 12 is also leaked.

After the Xiaomi 12 images leaked by EvLeaks yesterday, the promotional video of the Xiaomi 12 was leaked today. The video shows the colors and size of the Xiaomi 12. Which is quite similar to the ads made by Apple.

In the leaked video, the phones dance to the music. This video, which has a perfect harmony with its colors, shows that the Xiaomi 12 will be an amazing device.

In the second leaked video, the lines forming the camera sections also say that it will have a powerful camera device as much as the size of the device. It says “xiaomi 12” at the end of the promo video. This means that this ad will be presented in the global market. In the previous article, we said that leather back cover may be exclusive to China. With this video, it is certain that it will be presented in the global market.

After the Xiaomi Mi 6, there was no small-sized flagship. In the news we gave in the past, we mentioned that a flagship with the code name “mercury” would be released. Some of the codenames we leaked were internal codenames of devices these will be introduced in 2022. There is a high probability that the device with the codename “mercury” is turned to “cupid”. Xiaomi was releasing small-sized phones with the Mi 8 SE and Mi 9 SE, but their processors were mid-high-end processors. Xiaomi 12 comes as a true successor to Mi 6.

Xiaomi 12 will be unveiled in China on December 28. It will be introduced in MIUI 13 with the event.



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