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Share Internet Connection on your PC to Your Phone

Tethering is a way to share internet connection on one device to another. Although this is usually done by using the internet connection on your smartphone in your PC, the reverse is in fact also possible. You can share internet connection on your PC in your smartphone device.

Share Internet Connection on PC to Smartphone

There are various ways to transfer PC internet connection to your device, but we will not bother you with all the app out there and all the complex steps to use them. Gnirehtet app, which is the reversed version of the word “tethering”, allows you to perform this action with simply a double click. However, before getting into that, you need to install ADB tool on your computer to proceed. You can install it following our relevant content:

How to Install ADB & Fastboot drivers on PC

If you have ADB available on your PC and USB Debugging feature enabled on your device, all you need to do is go to Gnirehtet GitHub repository and in the releases section, based on your operating system, you can either download:

  • gnirehtet-rust-linux64-*.zip or
  • gnirehtet-rust-win64-*.zip

Once you have downloaded it, unzip it from the archive and you will see 2 or 3 files based on your operating system. If you are on Windows, all you have to do is plug in your phone to your PC, and double click on gnirehtet-run.cmd file. It will automatically install the Android version of the app on your device and share internet connection through USB cable. If you are on Linux however, open a terminal window drag and drop the “gnirehtet” file on this window and type:

/path/to/gnirehtet run

This will again install the Android application on your smartphone and start the internet connection.

Sharing your PC internet connection wirelessly however is much easier and does not require any external app. Click on Start menu on your PC and type in “hotspot”. Click open and from the window that appears, click the toggle that says “Off”. Your network name and password will be available down below the window. You can now connect to this wireless network on your smartphone.

You could establish many other relationships between your smartphone and your PC. If you that is something that interests you, you might want to check out Use your Android Phone as Computer Speaker! content to use your smartphone as a speaker to your PC!

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