The early leaks reveal the design of Redmi K60 Ultra!

Digital Chat Station, recently posted a sketch image on Weibo unveiling the design of Redmi K60 Ultra on Weibo (Chinese social media platform). Redmi K60 Ultra will be the latest addition to Redmi K60 series. The Redmi K series will comprise three phones: the Redmi K60, Redmi  K60 Pro, and Redmi K60 Ultra.

Redmi K60 Ultra Design and Chipset – Early leaks

While Redmi K60 Pro came with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, as the previous K50 Ultra also featured a Snapdragon chipset as well. Both K50 Ultra and K60 Pro featured a Snapdragon chipset but K60 Ultra will employ a chipset by MediaTek, and that is MediaTek Dimensity 9200+.

The shared image by Digital Chat Station reveals a triple camera system paired with an LED flash. However, it is too early to make definitive statements about the design of Redmi K60 Ultra. Upon careful observation of the sketch image, it is notable that power button and the volume keys don’t exist in the image. Nonetheless, initial leaks indicate that the design of the Redmi K60 Ultra may align with this particular direction.

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