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Lei Jun shared a tweet symbolizing that the “Xiaomi Car” is near!

Today, Lei Jun, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, shared a tweet which might symbolize the upcoming Xiaomi cars. The tweet featured a picture of the world’s earliest car.

A new tweet from Lei Jun suggestive of the upcoming Xiaomi cars

In light of Lei Jun’s recent tweet about the horizon looking different in a Xiaomi car, we wanted to share some insights about the company and its future products. Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone company that has quickly gained a reputation for producing some of the most innovative and high-quality smartphones and other smart devices on the market.

While it is still too early to tell what the famous Xiaomi logo will look like on future cars, this tweet might be indicative of a possible new car featured by the giant tech company of China. The company has not yet released any official word about their upcoming Xiaomi cars’ designs or lineup, but given that they have already made plans for an EV (electric vehicle) car by filing the trademark for Xiaomi Car alliance, we can only imagine what sort of cars are in store, waiting for us to explore.

Since Lei Jun’s tweet was published, many people have taken to social media to speculate about the significance of the image and what it could mean for Xiaomi. Some believe that the tweet might signify the release of new Xiaomi EV car from the Chinese company, while others just simply enjoy the fun fact tweeted by Lei Jun. If you are still unaware of the new upcoming Xiaomi cars, you can inform yours on Keep your eyes on Xiaomi: Xiaomi is planning to release an electric car in 2022 content.

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