This Is What MIUI 13 Will Look Like! MIUI 13 Font Is Here

Less than 10 days before the introduction of MIUI 13, MIUI 13 font Mi Sans has been leaked! This is what MIUI 13 will look like

MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Beta 21.7.3 changed the name of Mi Lan Pro VF was to Mi Sans. However, there were no change in characters, only the name was changed. The font that was leaked today shows us the font of MIUI 13. Mi Sans font has finally leaked. Actually, there are 2 fonts that were leaked. Mi Protoype 210317 and Mi Sans. Mi Prototype is a bold version of Mi Sans font.

Xiaomi’s Mi Lan Pro VF font added in MIUI 11. There was Mi Lanting Pro font in older MIUI versions. The difference between the two fonts was huge. New Mi Lan Pro VF was a variable font. That is, its thickness and thinness can be adjusted through a single font file. The old Mi Lanting font had a different font file for each thickness because that is not a variable font. Non-variable font uses more space in the system and the desired thickness could not be obtained. Variable font support was added with MIUI 11.

Mi Lan Pro VF has been in use since MIUI 11 (2019). Xiaomi used this font on MIUI 12 too. This font is changing with new MIUI 13. Mi Lan Pro VF renamed to Mi Sans with MIUI 12.5 Enhanced. And now it has a new look with MIUI 13 font.

Mi Sans Font


Mi Sans has a more modern, more oval character. Although it looks a bit like OnePlus Slate and Google Sans, but it does not stay away from MIUI’s design language.

This is the comparing of Mi Lan Pro VF, Mi Sans and Mi Prototype 210317 fonts. Mi Sans has more oval and softer lines than the old Mi Lan Pro VF. This makes the system look more up-to-date and more premium. This font, which will come with MIUI 13, adds a new one to the features that will be different from MIUI 12.

Mi Sans font contains a two special Xiaomi characters. In fact, one of these characters with the Xiaomi logo was also available in the Mi Lan Pro VF font. But it was old logo. New 2021 Xiaomi logo added in Mi Sans font.

These two special characters can be used as an alternative to the M character.

Here are the makers and copyrights of the MI Sans font.

When we test this font on the system, the results are like this. First look show us that this font is quite similar to Oxygen OS. On the left we see the Mi Lan Pro VF, on the right we see the Mi Sans font.

Mi Sans in MIUI 13

This font was also exist in the MIUI 13 screenshot that was leaked recently. In that screenshot, we showed that the font of the MIUI version is different. But we didn’t think it was Mi Sans. When Mi Sans was leaked, we understood that the font there was Mi Sans. This leak confirmes that this screenshot is real.

The text on the lef is the Mi Sans font that is leaked today. The text on the right belongs to the screenshot that was leaked 2 weeks ago. The two fonts are the same as you can see. This means that Mi Sans will be used everywhere in MIUI 13.

Download MIUI 13 Font (Mi Sans)

If you want to use Mi Sans font on your Xiaomi phone you can use the mtz theme. You can download the theme made by Krishan Kant, the owner of MIUITalks channel. If you don’t know how to install .MTZ themes you can find information about installing .mtz MIUI themes here.

MIUI 13 will be released in beta and stable versions on December 28.

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