Xiaomi MIUI Apps — Features & Updates

The many stock apps included in Xiaomi’s MIUI interface provide users with various benefits and greatly facilitate their daily lives. In this article, we will go into more detail to explain the functions and ease of use of MIUI apps in an impressive way. The features and benefits offered by each app contribute to the user experience. That’s why Xiaomi makes improvements to its apps with each new MIUI release and supports more users to purchase Xiaomi products.


MIUI+ allows you to control your device from a computer. You can view notifications from your smartphone on your laptop, instantly open any apps, copy/paste text, take screenshots and more. This helps users work more productively and effectively. We got an article about how to use MIUI+. Please note that MIUI+ is exclusive to China.

App Vault

App Vault provides quick access to specific features, allowing users to perform tasks without searching through apps. Shortcuts, cards with important information and online trends are presented in a user-friendly interface. The new Widgets added with MIUI 13 also enhance ease of use.

MIUI Weather

MIUI Weather is a handy app that allows you to track the weather on your device. Thanks to the data received from AccuWeather, 5-day weather information is presented regularly with a clear design. In addition, weather-based effects added with MIUI 12 make the user experience more enjoyable and give you the best of the moment.

MIUI Security

MIUI Security keeps users safe by protecting your device from potential threats. It protects against unexpected threats, optimizes the device and improves battery performance by freeing up memory. MIUI Security includes Game Turbo, which enhances your gaming experience while providing useful features such as privacy features, a second space feature, dual app feature, and deep cleaning feature. We got an article about MIUI Security updates and features.

MIUI Themes

With MIUI Themes, you can customize your device with various themes. You can change the appearance of app icons, notification panel, system apps, control center and more. This gives users the freedom to customize their device to suit their style.

MIUI Music

MIUI Music app helps users discover the latest songs and listen to their favorite tracks easily. Thanks to YouTube support, you can even listen to a song not installed on your phone with the screen locked or playing in the background. Optimize your music experience with sound effects and equalizer settings.

MIUI File Manager

MIUI File Manager makes it easy for users to manage, hide and share their files. With the ability to open different file formats, users can view files seamlessly.

MIUI Gallery

With MIUI Gallery, you can view photos and videos on your device. In addition, you will be able to edit photos. With features like effects and hidden album, users can organize their photo collections and keep them safe. Also, the trash bin feature allows you to recover accidentally deleted photos and videos.

MIUI Screen Recorder

MIUI Screen Recorder allows you to take screen recording on your device. It supports recording at up to 90FPS refresh rate on powerful devices. This helps users make screen shares, record gameplay videos, or create educational content.

MIUI Updater

MIUI Updater allows you to check for software updates coming to Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones. From this app, you will be able to receive updates that arrive automatically via OTA. You can also install the update manually by finding the appropriate file for your device before it arrives via OTA. You can download and install the latest updates again, check innovations, and get test updates. One of the most important applications for Xiaomi phones.

MIUI Clock

MIUI Clock, the clock application of Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO brand phones, allows you to follow all the world clocks on your device. This application, which looks very stylish in design, also offers very functional features for users.

MIUI Notes

It is an MIUI application created for you to take notes. The fact that you can draw with your finger shows that the app is functional. The design is very simple and elegant. It also offers various shortcuts and features.

You can add drawings to your notes, write handwriting with your finger, add photos to your notes, and create surveys and charts. You can also make various changes to the fonts in your notes. It offers customization of font, font color, thickness, thinness, and more. You can share your notes with multiple file formats. With Xiaomi Cloud, you can back up your notes and even upload them to Xiaomi Cloud.

MIUI Calendar

It is an application where you can follow the calendar on Xiaomi devices. You can plan all your days with the calendar application, add reminders, and see special days. The application, which automatically shows holidays and special days according to the country you live in, can also show your reminders and notes if you want.

All these apps provide Xiaomi users with a useful and effective set of tools to make their daily lives easier and increase productivity. The MIUI interface provides Xiaomi users with great advantages in terms of customization and functionality thanks to its rich collection of apps and user-friendly features.

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