Top 5 addictive apps that are guaranteed to keep you hooked

When bored we all spiral down to the final resort-social media platforms. We’ve all been there, insanely bored, scrolling through the same Instagram or Facebook posts, hoping that something changed in two milliseconds. Don’t worry if you often find yourself in a situation like this, In this post, we’ll tell you about 5 addictive apps that can help you out in insanely boring times. We haven’t included any mobile games apps because you all already know enough about those. So let’s get on with it!


You’ve probably heard about this one already. Clubhouse is a new and one-of-a-kind social media platform that allows users to speak in audio chat rooms with thousands of people. Clubhouse is directly competed by other social audio programs such as Discord Stage Channels, and Facebook Live Audio Rooms. The audio, on the other hand, does not leave the Clubhouse. That is the basic rule: conversations are not recorded and are not saved. This is a very addictive apps once you know your way around

Clubhouse’s core feature is real-time virtual “rooms” where users may chat with one another through voice. Rooms are divided into categories based on their level of privacy.

  • Open Rooms – this is the default setting for all rooms when they are created.
  • Social Rooms- Only individuals who have been approved by the moderators are able to join
  • closed rooms- users must first get an invitation from the moderators to enter

There are 3 divisions of a room “stage”, “followed by speakers” and “others in the room”. In this app, you can connect with other individuals speak to them, listen to them, share your ideas, and can do much more. However, you still have to secure an invite from a current user to get into Clubhouse.


Duolingo is a language learning website and mobile app based in the United States. It helps you to learn a different language while only spending a few minutes every day. I personally use this app to learn Spanish (Me alegra que te hayas tomado el tiempo de traducir esto) You can also use this app to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. It has practice exercises like Written translation, reading and speaking comprehension, and short stories.

Duolingo offers 106 different language classes in 41 languages as of June 2021. But you what’s the coolest part? It also includes a small number of fictional languages, such as High Valyrian from Game of Thrones and Klingon from Star Trek.  You can learn valyrian and act like Daenerys Targaryen.

Over 500 million people have signed up for Duolingo. Their classes are organized around the concept of a “tree.” Skills are grouped into trees, each of which focuses on a different feature of the target language. There are six levels of skills: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Legendary. Users advance through skill levels. And also it offers a competitive space to challenge your friends.

Meme Generator Free

Meme Generator Free is exactly what its name suggests: an application that allows you to make your own memes by combining existing meme images with your own text.

Meme Generator Free includes a full meme editor that allows you to not only select an image and type text, but also to move the text box anywhere on the image and alter the colour and font of the text. You can even utilise and insert your own graphics.

Meme Generator Free displays a list of the most popular meme photos at the time by default, but you may use the filter to see only those that fall into specific categories.

The Meme Generator is a versatile tool that may be used for a variety of reasons. You can create a variety of creative works, such as posters, banners, advertising, and other unique graphics, by uploading custom photos and employing all of the adjustments.

Antistress- relaxation toys

Enjoy this collection of toys when you need relaxation, diversion, or simply a moment of distraction: listen to a bamboo chime, play with wooden boxes, gently swipe your finger in the water, press buttons, draw with chalks, and so on! Are you waiting for anything and need to pass the time? Antistress is one of the most addictive apps, It ‘s never ending toys and games keep you glued to the screen.

Start playing with Newton’s cradle in the Antistress app! Do you have a grudge against someone? Relax with a round of the never-ending fifteen games! Do you require a break from your studies? Open the Antistress app and select one of the 90 toys to play with.

Toys for de-stressing and relaxing include:

  • Vibration feedback
  • Beautiful sounds
  • A lot of different buttons to press!
  • A relaxing pond with lotus
  • Physics wooden toys

This app is a great stress buster, it can help you distract your mind. Consider as your friend of extremely boring times.


How can I forget 9GAG when talking about addictive apps, If you use social media platforms you must be familiar with the name 9GAG, if not then some quick introduction may be in order, 9GAG is the largest meme community. If you want to up your meme game, 9GAG is your destination. 9GAG app is super fun and has fresh load of memes to keep you hooked. it allows effortless scrolling just like Instagram. You can also upvote and comment on the posts that made you laugh. not only that you can also post your memes or content on 9GAG anonymously. You can make your viral with help of 9GAG’s vast community.

You can also join discussion boards to talk about your favorite topics whether its gaming, relationship, movies or something else. 9GAG is available in both free and paid versions. In paid version, you get special perks like ad-free experience, PRO / PRO+ badge next to your username, View & download posts in HD and much more.

Final words

These were some addictive apps that can get you out of boredom. Despite the fact that you have a variety of apps that keep you glued to your phone, these apps will ensure that you stay engaged, learn and improve your skills, and have fun while challenging your friends. If you’ve ever wanted to spend time on your phone instead of wasting time, put these applications on your list. You’ll be able to participate and learn a lot.

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