Top Reasons for Xiaomi’s Popularity

What is Xiaomi best known for is an easy question to answer. Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone brand, which is now becoming a worldwide phenomenon. The company is a major player in the electronics industry, and Xiaomi phones are known for being wallet-friendly and of high quality. While many critics have criticized Xiaomi phones for their resemblance to Apple’s hardware, the company has continued to release smartphones that are better than their competitors.

We have gathered 3 major points Xiaomi is best known for in this article. Let’s discover why Xiaomi is majorly popular world-wide. 

1- Xiaomi popularity boosting innovative products

Xiaomi has been making smartphones for years, and its first device was the Mi 1 in 2011. Since then, the company has developed many different products. One of its latest products, the Smart Mi Toilet Seat, has multiple functions. It warms water in the tank and allows users to clean the toilet bowl with warm water. Another popular product Xiaomi best known for is the Smart Mi key chain. The smartphone is available in a variety of colors, including champagne and silver.

As we said earlier that Xiaomi is an internationally popular brand with many products. Strategically, its smartphones are not the only products they make. The company also produces many accessories for them, including smart home gadgets. Additionally, Xiaomi produces smartwatches, TVs, and a wide range of other products such as home appliances and clothing hence contributing Xiaomi’s popularity. However, despite its popularity, the company does not have the largest number of products in the world. Considering the fact that the company is only 11 years old, their product range must be considered a great achievement. Read the company history here.

2- Second factor Xiaomi is best known for is affordability

Another aspect that the Xiaomi Company is known for is its product affordability. For instance: While the Redmi 9A has been sold for $100 or less, the Mi 11 Ultra launched for more than $1,400 in Europe. The company also expands its markets internationally, including the United States, EuropeAustralia and India.

The Mi 1 is the flagship model for Xiaomi. The company has released many models over the years. The Mi Mix line, such as the model Xiaomi Mix 4, has the Mi Note, which is the first phone from the brand to come with an under-display selfie camera. The Mi Note 3 and the Mi MIX 4 are both great phones, and they both have the same design and build quality. The affordability of the products increased the brand’s popularity without a doubt. Therefor, the Xiaomi brand has become a global phenomenon, and the new model smartphones are affordable, too.

3- Extended accessibility of Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi has been releasing a wide range of smartphones for several years, but recently it has started to push out certain lines into their own brands. While they are still under the Xiaomi umbrella, the subsidiaries can conduct day-to-day operations independently and create their own identities. This is a strategy that makes the company’s phones more affordable and keeps them in the market longer than many of their competitors. Here are some details on the extended availability of Xiaomi phones.

When Xiaomi launches a new phone, it makes sure to keep it available for as long as possible. This prevents over-manufacturing and allows consumers to purchase a new model for years after it’s been released. In addition, the company controls supply and demand, and the company doesn’t over-manufacture. And it also ensures that the phone is always in stock and ready for buyers. In this way, buyers don’t feel the pressure to upgrade their current phone every year. Lastly, they save more money thanks to long accessibility of Xiaomi products.

4- Xiaomi has gained international popularity

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand with over 500 million monthly active users. These are regular users of Xiaomi smartphones and smart home gear. These consumers come from over 47 countries around the world. While this is a huge number, it is still an indication of the company’s growing popularity. Since Xiaomi sells its products at a lower price than other Chinese brands, this is a major selling point for them. As a result, they are still able to attract new users. 

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