Turn Android Phone Into a Bootable USB Drive!

How to turn Android phone into a bootable USB drive? It may sound a little weird, but it’s possible! Sometimes you want to do a clean install of Windows on your computer. For this, a USB stick and Windows ISO file and an installation disk must be prepared. Likewise, if you want to install Linux, write Linux distro to USB disk and start installation. But your USB stick is lost and you cannot install it, what should you do?

Here is an excellent application that you can use in this situation. Thanks to DriveDroid app, you can turn Android phone into a bootable USB drive. You won’t have to deal with finding lost USB disk, you will be able to install Windows/Linux with your phone.

What is DriveDroid?

DriveDroid app is a small and useful app that has been developed for years. It allows you to boot your PC from ISO/IMG files in your phone, without need to use different CDs or USB drives. Perfect solution for testing Linux distributions or recovering your computer in an emergency. DriveDroid better solution turn Android phone into a bootable USB drive.

DriveDroid also includes a handy distro menu where you can download USB images of a number of operating systems (such as Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Arch Linux). There are currently about 35 different systems available. You can get this feature and ad-free experience by making a small donation. Application uses Android Linux kernel to simulate ISO/IMG files for turn Android phone into a bootable USB drive. Most devices and Android Linux kernels support this process, but it may not work on some devices.

How to Install DriveDroid?

Before installation steps, this app requires root. If you don’t know how to root your device, visit here. Application is also available in Play Store. Small size, you can set it up in seconds. Note that it requires root access.

Developer: Softwarebakery
Price: Free
  • Firstly, install DriveDroid app from Play Store.
  • Open DriveDroid application, and grant root permission that will appear.
  • Confirm required permission for app to access internal storage. This is necessary for DriveDroid to access ISO/IMG files. Most important part here is that you will choose folder where the application will run. In example below, the “Downloads” folder is selected. You have to put the ISO/IMG files in folder you chose, because application will only be able to access it there.
  • Next pages are test menu of application. If you want, follow instructions and test the application on your computer. Or skip these parts and start using app, choice is yours.
  • You are now ready to use DriveDroid. Connect your phone to computer, select pattern file you downloaded from application. Check the “Read-Only USB Storage” option, this is most stable option. Then turn off your computer and enter BIOS boot menu. A boot option called “Linux-USB File Gadget” will appear, this is the DriveDroid application itself.
  • That’s it! Example below is an Arch Linux setup booted with the DriveDroid app. During the installation, be careful not to close application (service is running in background, just don’t force close) and don’t disconnect USB cable. Rest is exactly same as ordinary installation, enjoy it.


As a result, it’s a very useful and good app. It can be a best solution in an emergency. This way, turn Android phone into a bootable USB drive and start installing the Windows installation or a any one Linux distro. You can reach the official site of the DriveDroid application here. Stay tuned for more.

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