Turn your Xiaomi Camera to iPhone Camera

Users wants to turn their Xiaomi Camera to iPhone Camera. Because all phone users around the world want phone cameras to capture as good a quality as an iPhone. In fact, although Xiaomi provides this quality enough today, some users are not satisfied enough with the Xiaomi camera. They want to increase the quality and capture memories better. That’s why users want their Xiaomi cameras like iPhone camera, in quality. So, how to make Xiaomi camera like iPhone camera? How can we improve the quality of the Xiaomi camera?

How to Turn Xiaomi Camera to iPhone Camera

Remember, not everything is lens quality. Minor changes to the software can improve camera quality and provide very good results. We can use quite a lot of methods to make Xiaomi camera like iPhone camera. These are simple, easy methods. By following these methods, you can improve the quality of your Xiaomi camera and turn your Xiaomi Camera to iPhone Camera. So what are these methods?

  • Xiaomi Camera Settings
  • GCam (Google Camera)
  • Camera Apps

Xiaomi Camera Settings

You can make your Xiaomi Camera to iPhone Camera without downloading anything, just using the features that the Xiaomi camera offers you. First, increase the quality settings, but remember it will take up too much space.

Upgrade Low Photo Quality, Increase Camera Frame:

You can beat poor photo quality by increasing the resolution.

  • First, open the camera and enter the “mods”.
  • Open the “Settings” in the mods.
  • Change “Photo Quality” to “High”.
  • Also set the “Camera Frame” to “maximum”.

Requiring a liitle bit of photography knowledge, “pro mode” can even get better results than the iPhone camera when used properly. If you are interested in photography, you can turn your Xiaomi Camera to iPhone Camera with “pro mode”. At the same time, you can follow these steps for video shooting, and make your Xiaomi camera shoot video like iPhone. You can learn everything about Xiaomi Pro Camera here.

Use Google Camera(Google Camera)

If the settings you have made on your device’s camera still do not satisfy you, you can use GCam to make your Xiaomi Camera to iPhone Camera and get very good results from your Xiaomi camera. GCam, which is very easy to set up and use, both beautifies your phone camera and provides you with better quality results. If you do not know how to install GCam, you can install GCam by browsing this article.

Best Camera Apps for Make Camera Quality Better

As the software industry produces all kinds of software, they also produce a lot of camera software. These camera software adds new features for your camera by increasing your camera quality. In this way, you can get very good camera quality results with a verry little effort. Well, if you are asking which applications should I use to make my Xiaomi Camera to iPhone Camera, we can recommend a few for you.


SnapSeed is a photo editing and camera application, developed by Google. By using this application, you can make your Xiaomi camera like an iPhone camera, owing to many editing and effects available to users.

Camera FV-5

Although Camera FV-5 is paid, it gives you “pro” features, camera settings, and gives you the quality of an iPhone. By using Camera FV-5, you can make your Xiaomi camera better than iPhone camera. The Camera FV-5, which does not charge any fee after the paid fee, gives you more than your money’s worth.


Pixtica is free software, although it does charge for some in-app features. By using the Pixtica camera, you can get many kinds of photos and increase your Xiaomi camera quality.

By doing the simple steps shown above, you can make your Xiaomi camera like iPhone camera. The aim here is to improve your Xiaomi camera quality, to get much better results. Thanks to these methods, you can get much better camera performance and make your Xiaomi camera look like iPhone camera.

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