Use Google voice recorder app on all Android devices without root!

Despite the fact that Google has designed its voice recording application exclusively for Pixel devices, there is actually a very easy way to use it on other devices so you can have Google’s voice recorder app and transcribe your voice without hassle.

Google voice recorder for all Android devices

Many users prefer using custom ROMs based on Pixel devices’ software in order to have Pixel exclusive features, but this might not be the case for you as recently released devices don’t have any custom ROM available. You can have Google voice recorder on your Android device easily since Google has missed out something in a previous version of the app.

The version 1.0.271580629 works almost all modern Android smartphones. If your phone doesn’t have any conflicting apps, this APK should work on most Android devices running Android 9 and above.

This app should be very useful for users who want a clean interface and transcribe voice recordings. The new version of Google voice recorder supports transcribe of multiple languages, but the version we shared is only capable of transcribing English speech and it can convert speech to text even if you are offline.

We installed and tested the APK file on a Galaxy S23 Ultra running One UI, let us know in the comments if it works on your device and get the Google voice recorder APK file here. You can click on the link we have given above to have the APK file directly.

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