What OPPO products exist other than the smartphones?

OPPO, a global smart technology firm and one of the world’s leading smart device makers and innovators, has come up with a slew of unique OPPO products, including not just smartphones but also Audio Devices, Watches, and Power banks. When it first came to India, OPPO was one of the few brands that completely dominated the offline market. OPPO recognized that the offline market is the lifeblood of the Indian smartphone industry. The brand has released a number of smartphones and oppo products that are not only fashionable but also include cutting-edge technology.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the details of OPPO’s non-smartphone products and discover the wide spectrum of technology that may help you not only make your life smarter but also easier and better.

1.OPPO Audio devices

True wireless earphones have been available for some time. They were initially extremely pricey for many individuals. However, the TWS market has seen some perfectly capable choices at moderate prices throughout the years. Oppo has done well in the TWS market with its Enco range, but with the new Enco Buds, they hope to deliver both comfort and quality audio at a low price.

With their super clear audio transmission of every drumbeat with subtle and rich features, the Oppo Enco Series comes with distinct cutting edge technologies and each device offers a unique range of capabilities to immerse yourself into a better world of music. The Enco collection of wireless buds and headphones offers the best features, including AI Noise cancellation for calls technology, which is the cherry on top of the Oppo Products.

The Oppo Enco Air 2 Pro comes with a refractive bubble case design and active noise cancellation capabilities, as well as IP54 dust and water resistance, so you can remain away from sweat and water. It also has a 28-hour playback time, so you won’t be disturbed in the middle. With revolutionary 12.4 mm Titanized big diaphragm drivers that have an 89 percent larger vibration area than standard 9 mm diaphragm drivers, the earbuds are a driver size breakthrough.

The ENCO series includes a collection of 6 models Oppo Enco Air 2pro, Oppo Enco Air 2, Oppo Enco M32, Oppo Enco Free, Oppo Enco Buds, and Oppo Enco M31 from which to pick, all of which provide a superb sound experience while remaining within budget.

2.OPPO Wearables

Oppo manufactures wearables that are affordable yet durable, Currently it only has 3 wearables in it’s Portfolio which includes 2 Fitness bands and a Smart watch. Find their description below:

Oppo Watch Free

I know what you thinking, but no it’s not for free. The Oppo Watch free comes with OSLEEP All scenario sleep monitoring and continuous SpO2 monitoring, as well as snore assessment. It nearly seems light on your wrist with its 33 grams ultra light design, and the breathable strap is soft to the touch.

You can watch brilliant colours dance on its scratch-resistant glass with a specifically developed 2.5D curved screen with its magnificent 1.64 inch Amoled display. Take a picture of your clothes and Oppo AI will design the watch face to complement it. Starting with your watch, you may flaunt your personal style. It automatically detects your moments, and there’s no need to be concerned about battery life because the watch may last up to 14 days with normal use.

Have you forgotten to charge it? Don’t worry, a 5-minute charge will last all day!!

OPPO Watch 

There’s nothing more to say about this Oppo watch 46mm and 41mm watches which are truly made to wow everyone with their snipping features and AI technology. With a dual-curved flexible AMOLED screen, clear image clarity, and colours that jump through the 4.85cm display, the OPPO Watches are dressed to impress.


With smart data management tools, you can track your health and fitness, monitor the weather, and stay up to date. Instead of wondering where the time went, you’ll be amazed at how much you accomplished. With VOOC Flash Charging, you can charge it in minutes and use it for days. It has a 21-day battery life and a 15-minute charge can fuel a complete day of use.

OPPO Band Style

With its stunning 2.794cm Amoled screen, the Oppo band style offers continuous SpO2 monitoring and real-time heart rate monitoring. With 50 metres of water resistance and 12 exercise settings, it ensures that every movement is tracked. With these phone-linked capabilities and other important tools, you may enjoy greater freedom and convenience and never miss out again with the Oppo Band style.

It’s simple to remain in connected and informed with message and incoming phone notifications. Thanks to a high-performance, energy-efficient chip, a single full charge may power up to 12 days of operation. Whether you’re on a long journey or camping, the OPPO Band will keep you company.

3.OPPO Power bank

The Oppo Power Bank 2 is the next Oppo product on the list, featuring a 10000 mAh battery and 18W rapid charging in both directions. This power bank’s best feature is its low current charging mode, which comes with a 12-factory safety guarantee. With 18W rapid charging, the Oppo Power bank2 can charge the Find X2 16 percent faster than a standard power bank. Lets you to change your tab, smartphone, and more thanks to compatibility with PD, QC, and other common charging protocols. Low current charging mode is one of the coolest and most distinctive features of this Oppo product, which you can activate simply double-pressing the power bank2’s button.

A two-in-one charging cable has micro-USB and USB-C connectors and the intensity of contrast is harnessed by the slim and lightweight 3D curved design, which fuses black and white panels with touchable matte and ridged textures. This power bank should be on your wish list, and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed by its unique features that set it apart from the competition.

Final Words

In this article we’ve discussed oppo products that can be beneficial and are truly an extra benefit if you intend to get them. These accessories each have their own set of features, ranging from earphones to power banks. A diverse range of these tech-savvy products will leave you with no disappointment and will enhance your appearance while ensuring that you can run your operations smoothly on your smartphone or any other device.

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