What will the fate of MIUI 13 be after MIUI 14 is released?

MIUI 13 users are in serious wait after MIUI 14 announcement. There are many devices that are not expected to receive the MIUI 14 update, although they are good devices. So what will be the end of these devices? If you think that these devices will not be used again because they will not receive updates, you are wrong. We also have good news for devices that will not receive the MIUI 14 update.

Why Xiaomi Doesn’t Give New Updates for New Devices

Some devices will unfortunately not receive the MIUI 14 update. The main reason why these devices do not receive updates is that the SoC and CPU units they use cannot handle the needs of today’s Android and MIUI versions. Since it cannot handle these needs, the users of those devices will experience slowness after MIUI 14. While devices will work with high performance with MIUI 13, slowness will be experienced after MIUI 14 update. If all the devices in the MIUI 14 Ineligible Devices list received the MIUI 14 update, a lot of bug trackers would be opened due to old hardware and software incompatibility and the development of MIUI would be prevented.

Xiaomi does not aim to release the latest MIUI updates to every device, both to improve MIUI and not to slow down old devices.

I Want to Use New MIUI Updates on My Old Device, What Should I do?

If you want to use the latest MIUI updates on your devices, unfortunately, there is no official method. However, some volunteer developers make MIUI updates compatible with their devices and makes them to be used.

Since these versions are not directly related to Xiaomi, problems may occur. However, since the developers usually perform a seamless adaptation process, it does not cause any problems on the devices as usually.

The installation of these versions usually requires some effort and experience. However, if you learn the installation steps correctly, you can install not only MIUI but also the interfaces of other phones on your phone. These are called Custom ROMs

You can search through the search engine to find Custom ROMs. The best way to find Custom ROMs compatible with your phone is to find Telegram groups of your phone. Custom ROM and adapted, ported MIUI versions are usually shared on these groups.

Will I Have Problems if I Stay on MIUI 13?

Of course not. Xiaomi does not release the MIUI 14 version to your devices to avoid problems. If MIUI 14 version will not released to your devices and MIUI 13 version is the latest version for your phone, Xiaomi has ended the update support in the most suitable version for your device.

You can use your phone until it cannot handle the Android API requirements. You can visualize this by thinking that Android 5.0, released in 2014, can still run smoothly in 2022.

If you still want to live a MIUI 14 experience, you can use the wallpapers and latest app updates after MIUI 14 is released.

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