WhatsApp and Telegram War: What has WhatsApp Stolen?

WhatsApp and Telegram are two of the biggest cross-platform messaging apps on the planet that you can use on both Android and iOS devices, and a lot of people ask what the differences between the two are?

This article will explain the “WhatsApp and Telegram War: What has WhatsApp Stolen?” subject and show you the difference between WhatsApp and Telegram.

WhatsApp and Telegram War: What has WhatsApp stolen?

You might have heard of the app Telegram over the past 12 months because it became huge news when WhatsApp became huge news. WhatsApp was in the news for breaching people’s privacy, and people were concerned. Then, people started looking for an alternative app to WhatsApp, where Telegram popped up.

Because of the problems with WhatsApp, that is why Telegram became so popular. In the last few years, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. The Cambridge Analytica data, which was about using the data of millions of Facebook users for the Trump campaign, breach made people a little bit uneasy about using WhatsApp.

The problem was that WhatsApp could actually reveal the user’s phone number, and also a WhatsApp chat link can be found, and anyone with that link could join the conversation whether you know them or not. If you look at Telegram, it does a little bit differently where it does not use a phone number to verify who you are, but instead, it lets you pick a username to keep your privacy and yourself a little bit secure.

Also, the main thing that happened last year was WhatsApp sent warning messages to everyone and announced a new confirmation, but what was that confirmation, and what might be happened if you accepted that? If you accept the contract, your data is officially be shared with Meta (Facebook).

Actually, this was not happening for the first time, they had been tracking the WhatsApp messages before, but they wanted to do this legally. So, this was the last sip, and many people deleted WhatsApp and switched to Telegram. Even though they withdrew the contract, many people lost trust in them.

WhatsApp and Telegram War: Which is the Best for you?

So, you might be asking yourself now, what is the best for you? Telegram or WhatsApp? Telegram may have only popped up this year, but it has been around since 2013. Telegram has been downloaded by 200 million users this year and has had a really big selling point over the past 12 months. Has been their privacy and security where they want to and keep their users as safe as possible.

Telegram uses encrypted channels to try and provide as much privacy as possible and stop any hacking when you are sending those messages. WhatsApp, though, out of the two apps, is the most popular, and every single month there are over two billion active users, which puts it miles ahead of where Telegram is.

Telegram vs. WhatsApp: Privacy

One of the reasons people were looking to move away from WhatsApp is that they had real concerns over their privacy when using the app. Some changes to WhatsApp’s privacy over the last year or so made a lot of people using that app be a bit concerned, and they wanted to try and find an app that would put their privacy first.

Telegram allows you to lock chats with a pin, pattern, or fingerprint lock, and WhatsApp does not have any features like this yet, which has made people move over to Telegram.

You can hide your device IP addresses well using Proxy servers with Telegram, and it actually supports the use of Proxy Servers without any limitations, which means it preserves the device identity from the network and ensures the privacy of users. Also, if you want to learn more about Telegram, we have an article about Telegram Update.

Which one do you choose: Telegram or WhatsApp?

So, what do you think about the Telegram and Whatsapp, and which one is, do you feel more secure? We think Telegram cares about its users more, but many people are still using WhatsApp too.

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