When does Xiaomi phones become unusable?

When you buy a phone, you always have the exact same question, “How long it will last for”. We will explain when does Xiaomi phones become unusable or pretty much unstable to use on it’s timeline. Although phones do last long, they have a lifespan just like other components. Just like that, we will also tell you how to make the phone last longer as well.


“When does Xiaomi phones become unusable for the battery lifespan?” One of the big factors that affects a phone’s lifespan is pretty much battery, as it’s the fastest thing that dies compared to any else hardware in the phone. To make it last longer, you can try to do these.

Don’t use the phone while charging.

When you use the phone while charging, you’re making the device so that battery both takes and produces power at same time. This really does have a bad affect on phone and will make the battery’s lifespan long much much shorter compared to how long it should last for normally.

Don’t charge all the way up to 100%, keep it between 20% – 80%

While this might not make sense, it is proven that doing this will make the battery last much longer, and not only that, it will make it sometimes even heal itself back to life.

Do a battery swap if it’s dead

If your battery is in so bad condition or doesn’t even work anymore, you can try to go into customer services and get your battery replaced with a brand new one, which will make the phone last 2 more years as the battery is brand new.

How to Charge Phone for Better Battery Life

So this answers when does Xiaomi phones become unusable for the battery.


Screen is also one of factors that can make Xiaomi phones become unusable as well. This includes things such as ghost tapping, burn-in and many more things such as dimmed brightness and more. We already made an article about burn-in, you can check about it as well. To avoid any of these problems, only all you can do is don’t make the phone heat too much. Other than that, unfortunately there isn’t really anything you can do to fix this.

Storage Chip

This might not make sense, but it is also one of another factors that can make Xiaomi phones become unusable over time. When a long time passes after a phone is being bought, it’s storage chip’s efficiency gets worse and worse as phone continiously keeps writing data on it. Just like the storage components in PCs(SSD, etc), the ones in phone also have a write limit as well. Once it reaches that limit, phone becomes read-only, and you can’t do any actions on it except looking to things.


But, don’t worry! Nowadays phones have so high write limits that you problably won’t reach it until you buy a new phone. The storage chips inside these phones are known to last up to even 5 years.

Software Updates

When a phone gets outdated in software and doesn’t take any more updates, the apps slowly become unsupported for it as well as they adapt to higher versions of softwares. In this case, we already make many articles about which devices gets MIUI updates still.

Although when a device gets outdated in software, that doesn’t mean it will not work anymore. Most of the apps do still support older Android versions for some years, which is mostly known for 5 to 8 years of app support still.

So yeah, these are the all factors above that can make Xiaomi phones become unusable overtime and ends it’s lifespan.

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