Why Xiaomi has different regional software and phones?

Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that designs, manufactures and sells mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptop. Other than designing phones with localized software for different regions like China, Xiaomi also sells unlocked versions of its phones which allow users to switch carriers without any issue.

Reasons why Xiaomi has different regional software and phones

One reason why Xiaomi has different regional software and phones is so that their products can be sold in different regions of the world. This regional variation in software was first introduced on Android. It allowed developers from different countries to create their own version of Android using the same source codebase but tailored to their specific region’s features and needs.

This variation also lets developers add pre-installed apps, make changes and adjust tracking permissions all depending on the country policies. That is why Xiaomi has different regional software and phones. For instance, Redmi Phones like the K50 and K50 Pro made for China and have china firmware, Mi 9T and Redmi Note 11 has global firmware, Pocophone Phones have the European software and so on.

Having region-specific software has certain advantages. For example, it allows Xiaomi to better compete with manufacturers that are only available in one region. It also allows Xiaomi to better serve the needs of their customers in different regions. For example, Xiaomi sells a Chinese language version of the global ROM. This allows Chinese people who live outside of China to use Xiaomi phones. You can know more about these regions on All Information about MIUI Rom Variants & Regions.

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