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Windows Subsystem Android Received Android 12L Update!

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Windows Subsystem Android received Android 12L update by Microsoft in last week. Windows Subsystem Android (WSA) is being continually updated to improve compatibility, performance, and extensibility for Android apps running on Windows. During the Microsoft Build 2022 developer conference last week, Microsoft made a big announcement for Windows Subsystem Android (WSA). It has released a new WSA version based on Android 12L via Windows Update / Microsoft Store.

What is Windows Subsystem Android?

Windows Subsystem for Android, is a platform that allows you to run Windows applications as well as Android applications on your laptop or desktop computer, just like other Android emulators. Windows Subsystem for Android™️ enables your Windows 11 device to run Android apps available in the Amazon Appstore. Officially, you can only install apps from the Amazon Appstore, but it’s possible to sideload Android apps using Android Debug Bridge (ADB) tools.

This platform is currently available as a preview for devices running the latest version of Windows 11 Insider Preview and Microsoft Store app. Also, support is currently limited to the United States, and you need a United States-based account to access the Amazon Appstore. However, there is a way for ordinary Windows 11 users to use it too, available at the end of our article.

What’s New in Windows Subsystem Android?

Windows Subsystem Android is based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP), just like Pixel devices. They receive AOSP based Android updates. When Microsoft first introduced WSA, it came with Android 11. And, it has now been directly updated to Android 12L (aka Android 12.1). Microsoft is releasing the Windows Subsystem Android to Windows 11 Insider Preview testers.

New features are exactly same as innovations that come with Android 12L, and even more are added by Microsoft. First innovation will undoubtedly be new Android version. Windows Subsystem Android received Android 12L update and upgraded to API 32. In this way, the application support range has expanded.

Windows Subsystem Android can now access things like native apps on Windows, cameras or speakers, and same functionality is now available for Android apps as well. Similarly, Microsoft has made some changes to Android apps’ microphone, location, etc. By detecting when you use it, it carries the Privacy Indicators feature that came with Android 12. So, any app that will access Camera or Location will appear in your Windows notifications.

Other new features is enhanced network support, meaning Android apps can connect to other devices on the same physical network as your laptop, such as security cameras or speakers. This update also includes latest version of Chromium WebView. In addition, Windows Subsystem Android’s Settings now has a new interface. In the past, the options were on a single page, now they are in form of categories. Moreover, a few new options have been added, and there are experimental features under the compability tab. This will come in handy when testing your apps.

As we mentioned above, Windows Subsystem Android is only available for USA citizens with Windows 11 Insider Preview. It was one of the most striking features of Windows 11 and it made a lot of noise last year, and it continues to improve day by day, with bug fixes and updates, Windows Subsystem Android looks like it will overthrow other Android emulators. Other reports on Microsoft Build 2022 are available on official site.

If you are a stable Windows 11 user but you not using Insider preview, there is a way to install Windows Subsystem Android. In this article, we have explained how stable Windows 11 users can use WSA. Stay tuned for more.

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