Xiaomi 12T Pro to be launched in Japan on December 8!

Xiaomi will unveil the Xiaomi 12T Pro in Japan on December 8! Xiaomi 12T Pro was not available in Japan even though it has been launched globally a couple months ago. Most of the product manufacturers have the flexibility to offer their products at various times and at different areas.

Xiaomi Japan announced that Xiaomi 12T Pro will be launched in Japan on their Twitter account. On December 8, there will be an introduction event.

Xiaomi unveiled two new “T” series smartphones this year, Xiaomi 12T and Xiaomi 12T Pro. While Xiaomi 12T Pro has a Snapdragon CPU, the Xiaomi 12T is equipped with a MediaTek processor. Unfortunately, we have not seen any detail about Xiaomi 12T on the post shared by Xiaomi Japan. We assume only the Xiaomi 12T Pro will be available in Japan.

The Pro model’s camera and CPU set it apart from the standard model. Xiaomi 12T Pro comes with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, whereas the Xiaomi 12T comes with Dimensity 8100. Another key difference is the camera. Read our previous article to learn more about difference between and Xiaomi 12T and Pro from this link: Xiaomi 12T vs Xiaomi 12T Pro Comparison | Which is better?

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