Xiaomi 12T and Redmi K50 Ultra series spotted on IMEI Database

Xiaomi 12T series and Redmi K50 Ultra series spotted on Xiaomiui IMEI Database. All the details we have are here.

The Xiaomi T series high quality devices with affordable prices and really high quality features. Xiaomi T series, which released for the first time in 2019 with the Mi 9T series, is preparing to add 2 new devices. For now, we only have information that they exist, but new information will come soon. Also, the market name is not sure. If you think like Xiaomi, you can guess that this series will probably be the Xiaomi 12T series. In addition, these devices will be sold as Redmi in China. This points to the Redmi K50 Ultra series. So where did this information come from?

DCS has leaked that the official name of Xiaomi 12 Ultra. Its real name is Xiaomi 12 Extreme Edition. The official names of Xiaomi 10 Ultra and Redmi K30 Ultra and Redmi K30S Ultra devices were Extreme Edition. This reminds us of the naming in 2020.

22071212AG IMEI Register, Xiaomi 12T

22071212AC IMEI Register, Redmi K50 Ultra

22081212G IMEI Register, Xiaomi 12T Pro

22081212C IMEI Register, Redmi K50S Ultra

22081212UG IMEI Register, Xiaomi 12T Pro HyperCharge

This is the only information we have at the moment. There are no camera or processor information. Within 2 months, we will definitely receive new information. Although the naming is not certain, it is certain that these devices will be very good. The introduction date of these devices may be September.


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