Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s unrevealed color options discovered!

It has been revealed that Xiaomi 13 Ultra is available in colors that were not previously announced. Although the global release included only Olive Green and Black colors, the Chinese release also includes a white Xiaomi 13 Ultra. During the April 18 launch event, it was announced that Xiaomi 13 Ultra is now available in three new colors.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra new colors

The new color options have been discovered by a Chinese user, found different color wallpapers in Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s updated software. These colors are referred to as “Cabernet Orange,” “Ginkgo Yellow,” and “Star Blue” in Chinese. Unlike the glass back cover of the previous model, Xiaomi 13 Ultra comes only in leather.

Here is what the new wallpapers look like. The first three wallpapers were already preloaded on Xiaomi 13 Ultra, the last three wallpapers are the new wallpapers that have been discovered, and these wallpapers are essentially indicating the new color options of Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

Xiaomi actually introduced Xiaomi 13 in various colors, but it was only made available for sale in white, black, and green colors globally. The first color options are available globally but the rest is China exclusive limited editions.


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