Xiaomi 13T Pro appeared in IMEI Database!

Xiaomi is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world. It is known for its affordable products. It hosts the MIUI user interface on their device. While the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is currently on the agenda, a new smartphone has started to be developed.

Preparations for the Xiaomi 13T series are already underway. Xiaomiui detected Xiaomi 13T Pro in IMEI Database. Xiaomi 12T series had just been launched. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, the smartphone continues to develop without slowing down. Let’s reveal certain features of Xiaomi 13T Pro together!

Xiaomi 13T series in IMEI Database

Xiaomi 12T series was at the forefront with high-performance SOC and quality camera sensors. In addition, we have announced that the Xiaomi 12T is on sale in some regions before it is introduced. We compared the two smartphones in detail. A certain amount of time has passed.

Now it’s time for the Xiaomi 13T series. Xiaomi started developing the Xiaomi 13T series. Xiaomi 13T Pro appeared in IMEI Database. And, some features have been revealed. It will be powered by an outstanding MediaTek processor. It is also worth noting that. The Xiaomi 13T Pro will be sold in China as the Redmi K60 Ultra. At the same time, we have detected the Redmi K60 Ultra.

Here is the information from the IMEI Database! Xiaomi 13T Pro has model number “23078PND5G“. Redmi K60 Ultra comes with model number “23078RKD5C” which is similar to Xiaomi 13T Pro. The numbers “2307” at the beginning of the IMEI number indicate that smartphones may be launched in July 2023. However, considering the introduction date of the Xiaomi 12T series, it can be released a little later.

Smartphones have the codename “corot“. First, we think the Redmi K60 Ultra will go on sale in China. Later, the Xiaomi 13T series will be available in the global market. However, it may not be released in India. They also come with the model number “M12“.

As we said at the beginning, we expect it to get its power from the MTK processor. Xiaomi has not yet introduced a device using the Dimensity 9200. Xiaomi 13T Pro may have Dimensity 9200. It will be powered by a high-end MediaTek processor. In addition, we can confirm that products appear on the MIUI base.

The Xiaomi 13T Pro is encoded with “corot_pre_global“, and the Redmi K60 Ultra with “corot_pre“. The last internal MIUI builds are MIUI-V23.4.7. Smartphones are being tested secretly. The new products are already looking impressive. More features will emerge over time. Nothing else is known yet. So what do you think about the Xiaomi 13T series? Do not forget to share your opinions.

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