Xiaomi 14 series to feature a display with extremely slim bezels and a 1TB variant!

The initial details about the Xiaomi 14 series continue to emerge, according to a post shared by DCS on Weibo Xiaomi 14 will come with a 1TB variant. Here’s what’s new.

Xiaomi 14 – Not a big upgrade but definitely stronger than the 13 series

Xiaomi 14 series will eventually offer a version with 1TB storage, even on the vanilla model. Even the Xiaomi 13 Pro from last year did not come with a 1TB variant but instead with the storage option maxing out at 512GB for users who requires lots of space.

It seems that Xiaomi aims to give best of the performance to power users want a compact phone. There are many flagship compact phones out there like Galaxy S23 and iPhone 14 but they only offer storage options up to 512GB. While 1TB storage may not be essential for everyone, this is just evident for Xiaomi’s efforts to deliver a strong device for power users seeking a compact form factor. If you want a phone with 1 TB branded as either Samsung or iPhone, you have to buy their the most expensive models like the Pro model for iPhone and  the Ultra for Galaxy.

This actually doesn’t come as a major surprise, considering that Xiaomi has already begun offering 1TB storage even on their affordable phones. Redmi Note 12 Turbo, for instance, was recently launched in China and features 1TB storage, making it one of the cheapest phone with 1 TB storage in the world. Chinese OEMs are likely to be faster at adopting 1 TB storage compared to others, realme has also a model with 1 TB storage priced fairly.

One of the confirmed details about the Xiaomi 14 series is the presence of Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset on the phones. The camera setup and design of vanilla Xiaomi 14 are expected to remain largely unchanged from the vanilla 13, maintaining a compact form factor. While the exact dimensions of the display bezels are unknown, a Chinese blogger suggests that they will be quite thin. he also points out there will be a 50 MP 1/1.28-inch sized main camera sensor. That’s actually slighly larger than Xiaomi 13’s main camera with a sensor size of 1/1.49-inch.

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