Xiaomi 14 Ultra excels in China Mobile’s 5.5G test

Xiaomi 14 Ultra is one of the first smartphones to experience the power of the newly launched 5.5G connectivity tech. According to China Mobile, the device exceeded 5Gbps speed in its own test.

China Mobile has recently announced the launch of 5G-Advanced or 5GA connectivity, which is widely known as the 5.5G, commercially in China. It is believed to be 10 times better than the regular 5G connectivity, allowing it to reach 10 Gigabit downlink and 1 Gigabit uplink peak speeds.

Interestingly, China Mobile chose the Xiaomi 14 Ultra for its 5.5G test, wherein the device surprisingly made an incredible record. According to the firm, “the measured speed of Xiaomi 14 Ultra exceeds 5Gbps.” Specifically, the Ultra model registered 5.35Gbps, which should be somewhere near 5GA’s highest theoretical rate value.

China Mobile confirmed the test, with Xiaomi enthusing over the success of its handheld.

Congratulations to China Mobile Group for the world’s first 5G-A commercial deployment plan. Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra combines the two new 5G-A features of downlink three-carrier aggregation and 1024QAM. The measured download rate on the live network has reached 5.35Gbps, which is close to the highest theoretical rate of 5G-A value, helping 5G-A to be fully commercialized!

Xiaomi is not the only brand to experience the power of 5.5G, though. Prior to this, Oppo also confirmed that its Oppo Find X7 and Oppo Find X7 Ultra can also cater to the new network. Recently, Oppo CPO Pete Lau shared an image of the device, confirming its ability to handle 5.5G.

In the future, more brands should confirm the arrival of the tech to their respective offerings, especially with China Mobile planning to expand the availability of 5.5G in other areas in China. According to the company, the plan is to cover 100 regions in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou first. After this, it will conclude the move to more than 300 cities at the end of 2024.

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