Xiaomi bootloader lock will now be unlocked in a new way

Xiaomi, a big phone company in China, has a special policy for unlocking bootloaders on their phones. This policy only applies to phones sold in China. This policy places certain restrictions on the process of unlocking the bootloader, a crucial step for advanced users who want to customize and modify their devices. In this article, we’ll explore the details of Xiaomi’s bootloader unlocking policy and its implications.

Xiaomi’s Bootloader Unlocking Policy

Xiaomi’s bootloader unlocking policy, as recently revealed, comes with several notable features specific to devices sold in China

Limited to China-Exclusive Devices

Xiaomi and Redmi devices that are sold exclusively in China are subject to this policy. Global versions of Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices remain unaffected and continue to offer the traditional bootloader unlocking process.

Level 5 Developer Account Requirement

To unlock the bootloader on a China-exclusive Xiaomi device, users are required to have a Level 5 developer account on Xiaomi’s official community platform. This adds an extra layer of verification and access control.

There are some steps you need to take to upgrade your Xiaomi account to a Level 5 developer account. If you follow these steps, you can unlock the bootloader for free. Firstly, you have to register Xiaomi Community APP.

  • You must be a Chinese citizen.
  • You need to use HyperOS China ROM and report at least 1 bug per day.
  • You need to make at least one suggestion for HyperOS China Stable ROM every month.
  • You need to be an active user in Xiaomi Community and constantly comment and like.
  • Your level will increase as you publish posts.

Permission-Based Bootloader Unlocking

After obtaining a Level 5 developer account, users can apply for the necessary permissions to unlock the bootloader. Once granted, users can unlock the bootloader within a time frame of 3 days.

Limited to 3 Devices Annually

A noteworthy restriction is that each Level 5 developer account is allowed to unlock the bootloader of only three devices per year. This limitation ensures that the process remains controlled.

No HyperOS OTA Updates If Bootloader Unlocked

One significant consequence of unlocking the bootloader is that users will no longer receive HyperOS updates. This means that users may miss out on official system updates and improvements. If you relock your bootloader, your phone will continue to receive the HyperOS OTA updates.

We think that if you are using a beta ROM, you should be able to get HyperOS Beta ROM OTA updates. So the problem of not getting the OTA update may only apply to the stable ROM.

Government Surveillance and Security

Xiaomi’s unique bootloader unlocking policy is primarily attributed to the Chinese government’s interests in enhancing surveillance and security. By implementing these restrictions, it becomes more challenging for users to bypass tracking systems and engage in covert activities. Additionally, it has been noted that acquiring a Level 5 Xiaomi developer account requires being a Chinese citizen, which further facilitates device tracking.

It’s essential to emphasize that these restrictions and the reasoning behind them are specific to China, and Xiaomi’s global devices remain unaffected by this policy. Users of Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices in other regions can continue to unlock their bootloaders using the conventional method without these constraints.


Xiaomi’s bootloader unlocking policy for devices sold exclusively in China reflects the company’s compliance with Chinese government regulations to enhance security and surveillance. While these restrictions may seem burdensome for power users, it’s crucial to remember that this policy is region-specific and does not impact Xiaomi’s global user base. If you have a Xiaomi device and you’re not in China, you can still unlock the bootloader. This allows for flexibility and customization.

Source: Weibo

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