Xiaomi CIVI 3: Revolutionary Front Camera for Unbelievable Selfies!

Xiaomi CIVI 3, similar to its predecessor, will feature a dual front-facing camera setup. Xiaomi seems to be taking camera setup seriously this time, so much so that the front camera of Xiaomi CIVI 3 will support 4K video recording.

It was already possible to take good photos with the front facing cameras of Xiaomi CIVI 2, and Xiaomi CIVI 3 will support 4K video recording with the selfie camera for the first time on a Xiaomi phone. Even Xiaomi’s most powerful flagship phone, Xiaomi 13 Ultra offers a fixed-focus front camera that can only record 1080P video.

First Xiaomi phone with 4K video recording on front facing camera – Xiaomi CIVI 3

Xiaomi CIVI 3 features two front cameras, one with a 78° angle and another with a wider 100° angle, they are basically an ultrawide and a telephoto lens on the front side of the phone. We call it a telephoto but it’s not there to take zoomed shots, but rather to prevent distortion in images.

Compared to a regular selfie camera, the images taken with Xiaomi CIVI 3’s 78° selfie camera have an overall decrease on the distortion. Xiaomi has posted a side-by-side comparison with a regular selfie camera, showcasing the CIVI 3’s new camera’s ability to produce images resembling those taken with a zoom lens. Moreover, the main camera sensor found in Xiaomi CIVI 3 is the same as the one in Xiaomi 13, the Sony IMX 800. Xiaomi is gearing up to launch a really powerful midrange-to-flagship smartphone at a good price.


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