Xiaomi Liven Barbecue Grill: Make delicious barbecues

Xiaomi Liven Barbecue Grill is the best choice for your kitchen. As you know, Xiaomi is not just a smartphone manufacturer. It introduces and offers many products to users, except for smartphones. Xiaomi has a huge ecosystem apart from producing phones. While some of its products are related to technology, some of its products are far from technology. Non-technological products are generally products that make life easier; towel, umbrella, toothbrush. In this article we will examine the Xiaomi Levin barbecue grill. Xiaomi Liven has been released as a sub-brand. Introducing kitchen-related products, Xiaomi Liven introduces kitchen-related products such as frying machine, meat grinder. Xiaomi Liven barbecue grill is one of these products.

What is the Xiaomi Liven Barbecue Grill

Xiaomi Liven barbecue grill is a kitchen product that does not have the word Xiaomi on it, but is produced and guaranteed by Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Liven barbecue grill machine is a very useful product, with the ability to rotate the grills placed 360°. The product made of aluminum alloy; It comes with many features. Let’s introduce these features.

Xiaomi Liven barbecue grill comes with 12 grilled skewers. The grill skewers placed in the machine with a 360° rotation angle are designed to cook equally. The machine using short wave infrared heating inside is designed for barbecue lovers. The machine that captures the taste of barbecue with short-wave infrared rays. Insert the 12 grill skewers that come out of the box into the places inside the machine. The machine will automatically start rotating the grates and offer even cooking. You can eat the grills that are cooked evenly in a delicious way, and you can offer them to your guests.

The smell of smoke is annoying to people. This machine, which is designed for people who are bothered by bad odor and smoke with harmful content, promises smokeless cooking. The electric heat source on it does not produce smoke and provides a clean cooking. The Xiaomi Liven barbecue grill machine comes with a special oil reservoir at the bottom. It collects the oil from products such as meat, chicken and fish in its lower reservoir. In this way, excess fat from products such as meat, chicken and fish is not consumed. The Xiaomi Liven barbecue grill, which offers a healthy diet without oil, is a very high quality product. Xiaomi Liven, which has an easily removable and cleanable design, is very easy to use for users.

Products included in the Xiaomi ecosystem offer high quality materials and durability. The Xiaomi Liven barbecue grill does not break the line of Xiaomi and comes with a high quality of material. The machine that comes with the top cover fixed label design offers a solid structure. The part used to fix the grill skewers is made of ceramic and is of a high quality. The machine, which comes with a special heating tube protective cover to prevent the heating tube from touching the food, prevents the direct contact of the products placed inside. The oil reservoir, where the excess oil is collected, has a removable structure. This reservoir, which is made for those who want to be healthy and clean, is made of a quality plastic material. The Xiaomi Liven barbecue grill, which is surrounded by glass to see the cooked ingredients, looks very impressive in appearance.

How to Use Xiaomi Liven Barbecue Grill

Xiaomi products are very easy to use. Easy to use, Xiaomi products offer very simple use. Using the Xiaomi Liven barbecue grill is also very easy. To use, first cut the products to be cooked into pieces according to the size of the grill skewers. Place 12 grill skewer stabilizers made of ceramic on the bottom. Place the appropriately sized items into the grid bottle, then attach them to the fasteners. Put the glass cover around the product and plug the product in. Adjust the minute adjuster on the product according to the ingredients you want to cook and start the cooking process. Recommended cooking times; meat for 6 minutes, corn for 10 minutes, rhizomes for 12 minutes and fishes for 6 minutes. After the cooking process is finished for the recommended times, remove the grill skewers from the Xiaomi Liven barbecue grill. Have your meal ready. Attention: Do not forget to use heat protective gloves while cooking, heat protective gloves are available inside the box.

  • Product Name: Electric Grill
  • Model Code: KL-J121
  • Net Weight: 3.44 kg
  • Product Size: 210*310mm
  • Voltage/Power: 220V/1100W

In this article, we have reviewed the Xiaomi Liven barbecue grill. What do you think of the Xiaomi Liven barbecue grill? The grill, which is easy to use, healthy, clean, cleanable and practical; It has a very successful design in terms of material quality and size. Follow Xiaomiui for more technological content.


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