Xiaomi MIX FLIP specifications and why it’s not out yet

Xiaomi began developing the Xiaomi MIX FLIP device after releasing the Mix FOLD . After May 21, 2021, the test ROM was never compiled again.


Xiaomi uses the MIX series more like a prototype series. Xiaomi tries its new technologies on these devices. MIX FOLD was actually one of the Tablet-Phone prototypes. After launching the Xiaomi Mix FOLD in March 2021, Xiaomi started developing new folding device. This model was Xiaomi MIX FLIP and its codename was argo and the model number was J18S. It was obvious from both the model number and the code name that it was a folding device. According to the new release of MIX FOLD, the new folding device was the MIX FLIP. Argo was both a word of Greek Mythology and a foldable table brand.

MIX FLIP, which started its first tests with MIUI software on April 4, 2021, was tested with MIUI until May 7, 2021. After version 21.5.7, no more MIUI testing or additions to MIUI codes were Xiaomi made. Modem files and a lot of special configs about foldable phones have been added to MIUI codes until this date. However, the last change was seen on this device on May 7, 2021.

Specifications of Xiaomi MIX FLIP

If MIX FLIP were to be released, it would have a folding screen with a resolution of 2480×1860 at 90 Hz refresh rate, and an external screen with a resolution of 840×2520 with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. It would also have a 108MP Samsung HM3 wide camera without OIS support, a 12 MP ultra-wide camera, and a 3X telephoto camera with 8 MP OIS support. It would also take its power from the Snapdragon 888 platform.

Design of Xiaomi MIX FLIP

Looking at the drawings published by LetsGoDigital, it is clear that Xiaomi has such a plan. But according to MIUI Code, the device would not be a this device.

Why the Xiaomi MIX FLIP Was Abandoned

The fact that Xiaomi has not been able to provide sufficient updates to the MIX FOLD device and that it has not even started Android 12 tests yet gives us a clue as to why it has not been released. Xiaomi is not very good at making software for foldable devices. Adapting MIUI to foldable devices must have been difficult for them and that’s why they couldn’t do the software side. Another possible problem was that MIX FLIP would have a CUP, in-screen camera, feature. Having difficulty doing this even in MIX 4, Xiaomi may not have succeeded in integrating this feature into MIX FLIP. At the same time, the Snapdragon 888 being an inefficient and overheating CPU, having a chip problem are some of the events that may cause it to be cancelled. Also, Xiaomi may be waiting for Android 12L.

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