Xiaomi teases software features of Civi 2’s camera!

Before the Xiaomi Civi 2 launches on September 27, we have been sharing the new stuff about it regularly and now here is more about Civi 2’s camera. It has wide angle and ultra wide angle front facing cameras.

We recently published an article about the camera sensors in Civi 2. In this article, we will take a look at Civi 2’s camera software capabilities. Read our previous article from here: Xiaomi reveals Civi 2’s camera specifications!

Ultra wide angle front camera

Since many smartphones’ front cameras lack optical image stabilization (OIS), EIS is applied while recording videos with the front camera. With that being said image in the frame is heavily cropped as a result. Civi 2’s ultra wide angle camera enables you to include more people in your selfie videos and photos. Here is a side by side comparison of wide and ultra wide cameras.

Background blur

Due to auto focus support, the front camera of the Civi 2 is better at creating artificial blur because the camera has focus information (where is close or where is far away). It is possible to blur the background more precisely.

Civi 2 can apply blur on the photos with different styles. Here’s a photo without blur applied and background blurred. Civi 2 also features various retouching options.

Color presets

It is very important how each color appears in a photograph. Even a minor color effect makes an impact on how the photo looks. Xiaomi has also updated the Civi 2 with new color presets in the camera app.


Civi 2 hasn’t been released yet but it seems Xiaomi worked on colors and blur effect a lot. What do you think about Civi 2’s camera? Please comment down below.

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