Xiaomi Users, Did You Know These Features Exist?

MIUI is a quite visual Android skin developed by Xiaomi that has a lot of features but 5 features of MIUI stands out the most to the users. Here’s the 5 features of MIUI that makes it so awesome!

5 features of MIUI that makes it awesome!

MIUI is a user-friendly interface that is loved by a lot of people. It has a ton of features that are awesome, and it is always being updated and improved to make it even better. It is very user-friendly and easy to use, so no matter what your level of experience is, you should be able to use MIUI without any problems. Additionally, MIUI has a lot of features that are specific to China, which makes it even more popular in that country.

Changeable Boot Animation

Some people want to customize their phones. Your phone welcomes you the way you want with Xiaomi’s colorful feature. You can change your startup animation. You can customize your phone with this feature. Firstly, open the Themes app and then download boot animations! Then select your special animation.

Play YouTube in Background without App

You can play YouTube in the background if you do not have YouTube premium. It is one of the most important features for users. Also, this feature is important for your battery saving. Firstly, go to settings on YouTube and then set up a sleep timer. It would be better to set the timer to a minimum. When the timer expires YouTube will play in the background.

Floating Windows

This feature is one of the most innovative and fun of Xiaomi. Also, you can do two jobs at the same time with this feature. You can easily use this feature if you have MIUI 12 and newer versions. Firstly, you will have to open multitasking from the button at the bottom or by sliding your finger from the bottom of the screen to the middle. Then select a window and you will see three options. The third option is floating windows. Your app can float when you selected this option.

Hide Apps

Sometimes people do not want the apps they use to show up. Xiaomi presents the ability to hide the application without deleting it. There is an “app” option in the settings named as Second Space. You can choose an app that you want to hide. Also, you can see hidden apps here. You can hide some apps too.

Remove Objects from Photos

The last of these 5 features of MIUI is the Magic eraser tool in gallery app. With this feature that Xiaomi presents for photo editing, you can remove objects that you do not want from the photos. You do not need another app with this feature. You can find this feature in your phone’s gallery. Firstly, you should a photo that you want to change and there is a “modification” option. You can do changes here. You can use our detailed guide from here

These 5 features of MIUI certainly makes the user experience much better in comparison. Especially the magic eraser feature that has recently been added makes the world of difference in editing media. What do you think? Do you think these 5 features of MIUI are worth switching to a Xiaomi device?

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