Xiaomi’s Cutting-Edge Automotive and Phone Operating Systems Poised for Launch This Year!

We know that Xiaomi has been working on a brand new electric vehicle and now rumors have surfaced that they will release a brand new mobile smartphone operating system. According to a recent post by DCS on Weibo, Xiaomi’s self-developed phone operating system and automotive system may be announced later this year. Huawei has also introduced their HarmonyOS operating system for mobile devices, an operating system built based on Android. However, whether Xiaomi will opt for an Android-based operating system once again or venture into an entirely novel system remains uncertain, given the complexity in creating an operating system from scratch.

It seems that Xiaomi aims to not only develop an operating system for phones but also equip their upcoming Xiaomi electric vehicle with a proprietary in-house operating system, coupled with in-house manufactured chips. While the exact timeline for the introduction of Xiaomi’s new operating system remains unspecified, prevailing rumors strongly suggest a debut by 2024.

We believe that the upcoming Xiaomi EV is much more intriguing than a self-developed mobile operating system. Xiaomi has invested heavily in advanced autonomous driving and self-developed chips. Earlier than that, Lu Weibing has explained that Xiaomi electric vehicle production is progressing very good.

Just a few weeks ago, Xiaomi claimed the domain “mios.cn,” although the corresponding website is not yet active. Xiaomi’s goal of giving users a brand new operating system might actually because of to make both Xiaomi EV and Xiaomi smartphones compatible with each other.

What are your thoughts on Xiaomi’s upcoming self-developed products? Would you like to drive a Xiaomi electric vehicle, or would you like to try a third operating system as a competitor to Android and iOS? Please share your opinions with us in the comments!

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