Xiaomi’s new 90W charger revealed, new charging speed standard for Xiaomi smartphones?

New 90W charger from Xiaomi has appeared on 3C certification! We have previously shared with you articles about the chargers that Xiaomi will offer. We can learn some stuff about the upcoming Xiaomi phones with help of their newest chargers!

Earlier we have shared an article on Xiaomi’s 210W charger. Redmi Note 12 Discovery was introduced right after the new charging adapter appeared online. Read our previous article from this link: Xiaomi’s fastest 210W charging technology certificated.

Xiaomi 90W charger

This new 90W charger appears as “MDY-14-EC” on the 3C certification. It has output values of 5V/3A, 3.6V/5A, 5-20V/6.1-4.5A (90W Max).

For now, we do not know which phones will have this 90W charger. The base model of the Redmi Note 12 series supports 33W fast charging. Fast charging capacities range from 67W for Redmi Note 12 Pro to 120W for Redmi Note 12 Pro+ and 210W for Redmi Note 12 Explorer.

Xiaomi is fairly tenacious when it comes to fast charging features on their smartphones, unlike some phone manufacturers that take chargers out of the phone box.

As we have stated, we do not have clear information at the moment, our guess is that the 90W charger can be used on upcoming Redmi Note 13 series or Xiaomi 14 series.


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