Xiaomi’s new patent application reveals design of the future foldable device!

Xiaomi has recently submitted a patent application that discloses the blueprint of a foldable device that they plan to unveil in the upcoming days. The patent application provides a sneak peek into the design of the future unique device. Given that the patent application for the device has only recently been approved, it is unlikely to be launched anytime soon. It’s possible that Xiaomi may choose to simply secure the patent without actually introducing the device, which is also a viable option for the company.

Xiaomi’s patent application, which was submitted in 2020, appears to have been approved in 2023. The device will be a foldable phone, and the patent application’s accompanying illustration gives a general look of the phone’s essential characteristics and form.

The three circles on the back of the device actually represent a bunch of cameras. The specifications of these cameras are unclear, but it is claimed that they can move mechanically and turn into a front-facing camera, just like Samsung’s Galaxy A80.

Samsung Galaxy A80 is not a foldable phone, back in time it featured a very unique design concept with the rear cameras being able to move and be used on the front of the screen. It’s hard to guess when the foldable phone will be unveiled as this is just a patent application being approved, but it looks like Xiaomi is working on something new.

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