Xiaomi’s Smartphone Shipments May Be Lower Than Expected in 2023!

Xiaomi’s smartphone shipments may be lower than expected in 2023, according to analysis by independent researchers. As you know, Xiaomi offers a huge smartphone ecosystem with its sub-brands Redmi and POCO. However, considering current situation of Xiaomi, there may be a decrease in stocks this year. Xiaomi’s smartphone shipments in 2023 are likely to fall to around 140 million units, down 8-10% YoY (year-on-year).

Xiaomi’s Smartphone Shipments Will Drop 140 Million Units

Latest survey report published by Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently indicates that Xiaomi smartphone shipments in 2023 may be below market expectations. This is very important news, because drop in shipments will cause stocks to decrease and device prices to rise, directly affecting Xiaomi users. However, Xiaomi’s current inventory is approx. 16 weeks ahead, indicating that market is still very optimistic about Xiaomi shipments.

Ming-Chi Kuo said that Xiaomi’s smartphone shipments in 2023 are expected to fall to around 140 million units, down 8-10% year-on-year (150 – 165 million current figures). Because Xiaomi’s production plans for Q1 2023 and Q2 2023 are quite weak, and there is still no development in Q3 2023 plan. Xiaomi’s current smartphone parts inventory is about 40-50 million pieces. However, even in its current form, about 20 – 25 million units are missing.

Xiaomi can easily get through Q1 2023 with its current stocks, but the inventory-taking efficiency is still low. If Xiaomi wants to expand its inventory, this may not be a very profitable move. In Q4 2022, Xiaomi was still the world’s 3rd smartphone manufacturer (33 million units). But it had sold 41 million units in previous quarter (Q3 2022) and 45 million units the 2021. There is a decrease of 18% and 26.5% when the values are compared, respectively.

As a result, there is no problem for Xiaomi users for now, but with this rate, troubled days await Xiaomi. It was also a serious development for company that Manu Kumar Jain left recently. We will keep you informed of developments, stay tuned. Your views are important to us, do not forget to mention them in comments.

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