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5 Best Icon Packs For Homescreen Setups: July 2023

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Android icon packs are collections of icons that can be used to personalize your Android phone. These icon packs are available for free on the Google Play Store and serve as a great way to make your phone stand out. Icon packs can dramatically change the look and feel of your device by adding unique backgrounds and icons to complement your chosen Android version. Anyone who wants to make their phone more appealing can use an icon pack to give their device a unique look.

Android icon packs are useful for customizing your phone’s user interface (UI). You can use an icon pack to change the look of your screen’s background, system fonts, app icons, and accent choices. You can also change the theme of your phone or apply a custom look to certain system elements like notifications or Settings menus. Some users like to use icon packs on their primary device while others exclusively use them on their secondary devices.

Android icon packs offer a fun and easy way to personalize all of your devices. Android icon packs can also help you make your phone stand out from other Android devices. Many users have old or outdated phones that would benefit from some extra flair. A well-made android icon pack will give an older model a fresh look that makes it seem current and up-to-date. Plus, android icon packs are a great way to change the way your phone is perceived by customers and potential clients alike. Phone owners can choose from many different android icon packs before settling on one that suits their needs perfectly.

Using android icon packs is both fun and easy since they allow users to customize their phones’ appearance in several different ways. Anyone who wants to spice up their old handset should consider downloading an app’s appropriate for them here Google Play Store . Using these apps will make it much easier for you to update your aging device with new looks whenever you choose! We will list you the best 5 icon packs that we found on this article.

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This is one of the icon packs that tries to give you classical look from older phones. It looks modern while at the same time it also looks classic as well. You can get the icon pack itself from Google Play Store.


This icon pack aims to look colorful while also having an outlined style of icons. It also adds colorful circles to the icons that doesn’t support the icon pack itself yet, so it doesn’t break the style. You can get the icon pack itself from Google Play Store.


This icon pack aims to give you the classic look from Android 5 stock icons while also modifying them. It still kind of follows to the Android 5 icons but with refined ones. You can get the icon pack itself from Google Play Store.


This icon pack aims to look like OnePlus icons. Just to look a bit different, it slightly modifies icons. If you want some sort of OnePlus icons, you can try this icon pack out. You can get the icon pack itself from Google Play Store.


As the name says, this icon pack aims to make all icons lined out. It’s pretty basic and it will do the job if you’re looking for a classic icon pack. Although keep in mind some of the icons are not supported and they will look how they were before. You can get the icon pack itself from Google Play Store.


We also made an article about best MIUI themes. If you’re on MIUI and using stock launcher which doesn’t have support for custom icon packs, you might want to check that article as well.

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