5 Things to Consider When Using TWS Earbuds!

TWS earbuds are quite small by design and are easily damaged. From charging to carrying, there are things to consider. There are 5 things that many users do not pay attention to, but that can seriously damage your earbuds. If you want to use your product longer, take a look at the article.

TWS earphones can be severely damaged by improper use, which will void the warranty. Many users experience charging or connection problems some time after purchasing an affordable TWS earphone. A large part of the problem is caused by you, you should avoid these behaviors.

Things to consider when using TWS earbuds

First of all, be very careful with sweat and water when using your device. Although many mid-range and high-end headphones are now offered with water protection, there is a chance that water will get into them. If water gets into the filter of the headphones, the driver can be damaged. So be careful when using your headphones in rainy weather.

Do not use fast charging adapters to charge the earbuds

Since the power management chip in the charging case is not as good as the PMIC in a smartphone, it can be damaged when using fast charging adapters. Always choose a low amperage charger to avoid potential problems when charging your earbuds.

Clean your earbuds routinely

Cleaning your TWS earbuds are very important. If your earbuds are dirty, you also pose a great danger to the health of your ears. Moreover, if the filters of the headphones are clogged, the audio performance will deteriorate drastically, and it may even lead to greater annoyance. If you clean your TWS earbuds with a suitable cleaning tool, you can use your product like the first day. You can check out this product that is very convenient for cleaning your device.

Do not use ANC mode while walking on the road

Active noise cancelation is one of the best features of earbuds that have hit the market in recent years. It blocks most of the noise that occurs on a train, bus or in an area with a high density of people. However, this wonderful feature that enriches your music experience has a downside: You can not hear outside noise while walking on the street. Because of this, you may have an accident and be injured while walking. To avoid endangering yourself and cars, do not use the ANC while walking.


We recommend that you follow the things that will help extend the life of your TWS earbuds and that you need to pay attention to for your health. This way you can use your product for a long time without any problems.

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