8 Things You Should Avoid Being Unfairly Out of Warranty

Warranty coverage is very important for “device-related” problems of our device. It is very important not to be out of warranty, to have our device repaired more healthily and safely. Having your phone repaired by any out-of-warranty technical service can be dangerous and is a very unsafe process.

Warranty coverage allows your device to be repaired free of charge for 2 or more periods. In this way, you can have your factory-related problems repaired safely and free of charge while using your devices. Through the technical services connected to the warranty, you can ask for your device to be repaired “free of charge”, in a safe, clean and fast manner, or you can have it repaired on-demand with cheap fees. Technical services that are not out of warranty and to the original brand are more dangerous and unsafe in this regard.

Things to Refrain From to Avoid out of Warranty

There are 8 methods you need to know to maintain your warranty coverage and use the given time to the fullest. It is very important to maintain the warranty for a long time and avoid negative consequences, as being out of warranty will create very negative consequences. If you violate the warranty rules and are out of warranty, they may be charged or not want to repair your device, even if the device problem is caused by the factory. These factors, which are basically among the warranty coverage procedures that differ from country to country, are the things you should pay attention and knowledge about to protect your warranty and not be out of warranty.

Do not immerse your device in water.

Most devices do not have water resistance certifications, such as IP68. Many devices can be damaged by liquid contact and may no longer work. Phone, tablet, any smart home product, etc. You should not let the products come into contact with water if they do not have a liquid contact or waterproof statement. Otherwise, products with liquid contact will be out of warranty and they may charge you high fees for repair.

Do not use non-genuine or non-recommended adapters.

Your devices use certain voltages and charging speeds to charge. Every phone, tablet, or other ecosystem product has specific charging speeds and voltages. Charging your device other than the included charging adapters or supported charging adapters will adversely affect and damage your battery. That’s why, as a result of using non-original charging adapters that exceed or fall below the recommended voltage for your device, your device will be out of warranty no matter what.

Do not root your phone and do not unlock Bootloader.

Rooting is a method that allows you to add new features to your device and increase its performance. But rooting is one of the ways that manufacturers don’t like and that causes you to void your device from the warranty. At the same time, unlocking the Bootloader, which you need to unlock to root, completely excludes your device from the warranty. For this reason, you should use your device completely with the original software, even if you use stock rom, you should not touch the Bootloader lock or root it.

Do not install custom roms on your phones.

Custom roms can be considered a huge boon for Android users. However, Xiaomi and many Android phone manufacturers do not want custom roms to be installed and count all phones with custom roms out of warranty. If you have installed a custom rom on your device, unfortunately, you cannot benefit from the warranty. Especially if you are a Samsung user, from the moment you start installing the custom rom, “Knox” will be activated and your device will be automatically excluded from warranty coverage.

At your own risk, prevent damage to the device.

No matter what product of the ecosystem your device is, you should not damage your device at your own risk. If the device is dropped, broken, or damaged by the case, etc. situations should be avoided. Otherwise, you cannot have these damages repaired under warranty, they may charge you quite a lot of fees.

Do not make physical or software additions or modifications to the product.

You may want to physically add some features to your device, experience a performance increase, or change its appearance. However, making these additions and deletions, and making physical or software changes on the device will void your product’s warranty. That’s why, you should not make any additions or changes to the product that you want to remain under warranty.,

Wear and tear over time products are not covered by the warranty.

Every product can wear and tear over time. Depending on clean use, we can minimize this wear and use it for a long time without any scratches on the device. However, the scope of the warranty does not cover problems such as scratches, cracks, and wear caused by use over time. For this reason, it is another thing that is necessary to use your device cleanly, not to be out of warranty, and not to face high fees in warranty.

Natural disasters to take you out of warranty.

Natural disasters are disasters that no human wants. These disasters happen suddenly and cause great damage. These damages can damage homes and cities as well as the products we use. All damages caused by natural disasters are considered within the scope of user responsibility and are out of warranty. For this reason, no initiative is applied to the damages received at the time of a natural disaster, and they may charge you for the repair of the damage.

The above conditions are the terms of warranty coverage, on which all brands are generally based. If you do not want to get out of the warranty and you want to use the warranty until the end, you should consider and know all the items. As a result of any item exceeded, they may charge high fees to have your device repaired and back under warranty. Therefore, you should avoid things that will void the warranty and use your products cleanly.

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