Android 13 Beta 3 Released for Pixel Devices

Google recently launched Android 13 Beta 3 on Pixel phones. And Android 13 milestone has now passed the Platform Stability phase. For users, there won’t be much change in terms of functionality or UI change from now on. This is a pointer to new API and shows that bugs have been fixed, performance has started to be optimized.

What’s New on Android 13 Beta 3

Android 13’s development timeline is different from previous one, you know. There will be another beta in July and then, final Android 13 release. Now that “Platform Stability” stage has been reached, it’s time to focus on API and other stability work.

Foreground changes show that Android 13 Beta 3 has a new privacy features, notification permissions as well as productivity features like theme app icons. Moreover, HDR video, Bluetooth LE Audio, and MIDI 2.0 over USB is now available. In background development, there are many bug fixes and improvements.

New Permissions & Privacy Settings

With Android 13 Beta 3 Platform Stability, it’s now planned to work on application compatibility and device security, new permissions and privacy settings are proof of this. There are many new permissions that come with Android 13 Beta 3. A new Runtime Permission is available for app notifications. This shows that various settings can be made in notification section. This change helps users focus on the notifications that are most important to them.

Moreover, Clipboard Preview which shows the text you copied, is now more secure. New version hides sensitive content in Android 13’s new clipboard preview, such as passwords or credit card information. Application developers can achieve this feature with necessary API regulation.

Improved New Search Bar

Removal of web search feature in search bar in Android 13 Beta 2 caused a reaction from users. This is back in Android 13 Beta 3, and this time it’s even more functional. That’s not all, there is also web search and more shortcuts. In addition, shortcuts such as search on YouTube, Maps, Google, Play Store have been added. This will provide a more functional and faster search experience.

Other Miscellaneous Changes

Other visual adjustments are minor and specific changes. A visual change has been made in fingerprint addition section for Pixel 6/Pro devices. Of course, since it’s Google’s first FOD (fingerprint-on-display) device, images and animations in add fingerprint part are different.

With Android 13 Beta 3, fullscreen gestures navbar is now thicker and wider. This change is obvious. Below is a navbar comparison between Pixel 4 and Pixel 6 Pro devices. Android 13 Beta 3 is available on Pixel 6 Pro device.

There are a few minor changes in interface. For example, Fast Pair feature in Connection section has been removed. Moreover, selection buttons are now pill-shaped. In addition, battery widgets added to homescreen are now available with more variety. Full changelog and more are available on Google Android Developers page.

Hotfix Update: Android 13 Beta 3.1

Google released Android 13 Beta 3.1 to fix a problem on Android 13 Beta 3 for Pixel devices. Reason for this surprising hotfix update was that the Android Beta Feedback application wasn’t working on Android 13 Beta 3.

Seeing that the whole purpose of the beta program was to collect feedback from users, Google, which fixed the Android Beta Feedback application, released a small update and named it Android 13 Beta 3.1. Fundamentally nothing has changed. It’s exactly the same as Android 13 Beta 3, only the Feedback app is fixed.

Android 13 Beta 3.1 Download Links

Android 13 Beta 3 and Beta 3.1 has been released for Pixel devices, you can select and download it below. As you know, Pixel 3 XL and below devices are EOL and no longer Android 13 eligible. Pixel 4 and above devices can get Android 13 Beta 3 update. Not only Pixel devices, many phone brands are releasing Android 13 Beta versions for their devices. You can get download links of all devices from here.

Android 13 Beta 3.1 version was only released as OTA. That’s why “Factory Image” options are Android 13 Beta 3, and “OTA” options are Android 13 Beta 3.1 download links.

Difference of this new Android 13 version from its predecessors is that, it will no longer be interface oriented, but stability API and Android base oriented. Platform Stability has now been reached in Android Milestone, and more stable updates will be waiting for us from now on. Well, it’s almost time for stable Android 13 version to be ready. We are very excited about the developments. So, stay tuned for more developments and news.

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