GSI installations are faster with Android 13 DSU Improvements

DSU system is changing with Android 13 DSU Improvements. Android 13 is still in development and will be improved with regular updates. The second developer preview was released on March 17 and will be in beta starting this month. The official launch is expected in the months after August, possibly in September.

Android 13 is still very new and therefore very similar to Android 12. It will remain largely similar to Android 12 even after the final release, but with some interesting changes. The Material You design introduced with Android 12 is the biggest innovation compared to previous versions. However, support for themed icons was very limited, so third-party app developers could not use themed icons in their apps. With Android 13, a new API was released that enables the use of themed icons.

Android 13 themed icons
Android 13 New Icon Themer

While Android 13 development is proceeding apace, a new commit has been discovered in the AOSP repositories that improve the Dynamic System Updates feature. In short, DSU allows users to install GSI ROMs on their devices without unlocking the bootloader. It’s not exactly stable, but it’s an important feature for Android. DSU is one of the features that come with Android 10 introduced in 2019. And Android 13 DSU offers new DSU system.

Android 11 DSU installation
Android 11 DSU Installation

What does Android 13 DSU optimization offer?

GSI ROM installs with Android 12 DSU are quite slow, even on Android 12. With the new commit, the system memory shared with Android 13 DSU has been increased from 8KiB to 64KiB, which significantly speeds up installation times. According to Google’s tests on the physical device, the installation time, which was previously 2.34 minutes reduced to 45 seconds. In tests on a virtual device, the setup time before optimization was 46 seconds. After the optimization commit in the AOSP repository, the time was reduced to 30 seconds.

Android 13 DSU commit

The Dynamic System Updates feature continues to be developed and is a very useful. If you want to use it on your device, you should first check if your device supports dynamic partitions. If your phone does not ship with Android 10 or later, you can’t use DSU.

Source : Mishaal Rahman

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