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Android 14 Developer Preview 1: Has been released for Pixel devices, here are the new features!

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Android 13 is already used by many devices and Google released Android 14 Developer Preview 1 for Pixel 4a 5G and newer Pixel devices on Wednesday. We notice minor differences in UI since this is a developer preview build. Google used to name their Android versions after sweet treats, they continue this trend and Android 14’s official naming will be “UpsideDownCake“.

Android 14 Developer Preview 1 new features, updates

One of the early versions of the brand-new Android is here. You shouldn’t expect too much UI updates from this developer preview release though Android 14 features a new fancy “back gesture animation”. Mishaal Rahman, a tech blogger, has shared his Android 14 Developer Preview 1 findings on Twitter. Let’s take a look at the refreshments on Android.
  • Android 14 will let you sync your health data between different apps. This was previously featured on an app named “Health Connect” is now a feature baked into the OS.
  • A new “apps installed in the background” section that monitors apps that your OEM or carrier might have installed without letting you know in the background is coming with Android 14. Apps can be uninstalled through this section.
  • Fast pair has been readded Connection preferences in the Settings app. This was previously removed in Android Beta 13. You can find this setting under Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences.
  • You can allow the guest user to make phone calls and send/receive text messages, previous call history will also be shared by the guest user. You can find it under Settings > System > Multiple users.
  • New predictive gesture lets you preview where will you go before you go back. In Android 14 DP1, you can preview cross-task and in-app transitions. This makes the back gesture faster and more convenient.
  • If you have multiple accounts on an app, Android 14 will let you to clone your apps. While some Android OEMs offered this feature on their custom Android skins, Google wants to integrate this feature into Android.
  • Android 14 will warn you if you install an app that is compatible with Android 8 or older. Android 10 gives the warning message when the app is compatible with Android 5 and lower.
  • Battery usage page has been renewed that shows screen on time under the graph. The app usage and system usage are separated now you need to choose between app or system usage to see what drains your battery.
  • Developer options gets a new toggle named “Disable child process restrictions”. “Phantom processes” monitoring gets disabled when this is enabled.


  • “NFC verbose vendor debug log” and “NFC NCI unfiltered log” have been added to the developer options to capture more detailed logs on NFC. You must reboot your device to enable those toggles.

Here are the new updates on Android 14, shared by Mishaal Rahman on Twitter. Check his account from this link to learn more.

Google will be releasing new versions of Android 14 in time and they are currently available only for Pixel devices. The early builds of Android 14 can be downloaded from this link. We will keep sharing new info with you in time. What do you think about Android 14 Developer Preview 1? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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