Android 14 will skip hitting enter button process after correct PIN entered!

The second developer preview of Android 14 includes an unexpected feature. Depending on your preference, you’ll be able to turn this feature on or off in your phone’s settings.

This feature, which has been available on iOS devices and custom ROMs for a long time, now becomes a part of stock Android. On iOS, your PIN code must be 6 digits and you need to set a password if you want to set a longer passcode.

Android 14 auto-confirms you lockscreen PIN code

If you’ve used Android for a while, the minimum length required for a PIN code is 4 digits. You can use a longer PIN number, but if you want to enable automatic confirmation of correct PIN, your PIN must have at least 6 digits.

Although confirming PIN without needing you to tap enter button is a security risk, you can partially solve this problem by creating a longer PIN. This feature does not work fully in this version of Android 14 and we are aware that such feature will soon be available in the following versions of Android.

In addition to the auto-confirming PIN code, Android 14 Developer Preview 2 brings another cool feature, emojis can be used to make a wallpaper.

You can use any emoji you want to create the wallpaper you want and even multiple emojis and create a unique one. This one also exists in iOS but emojis lack their colorful and 3D design on Google’s implementation which makes the wallpaper looking a little flat.

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