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Best Xiaomi Features That Apple Doesn’t Have

Apple has been the top brand since smartphones were introduced. People’s thoughts and choices are changing with time. New brands are emerging and improving. Xiaomi is one of them. Although it is a new brand, it is very successful. Xiaomi has a lot of products, but the brand’s smartphones are compared to Apple’s smartphones. For the most part, Apple’s smartphones are better, but Xiaomi is newer than it. New brands can be more innovative to compete. For this reason, Xiaomi may surprise you. You can find five features of Xiaomi better than Apple at the bottom of the article.

Price/Performance Balance

First and above all, Xiaomi is an appropriate brand for everyone. Xiaomi presents cheap prices than Apple. The brand can make a good balance between price and performance. This balance is an important factor in people’s brand choice. People can buy a phone that is successful, innovative, and cheaper than Apple smartphones with Xiaomi.

Unique and Different Design

Innovation is the most important side of technology. Xiaomi’s innovative face is mostly in its design. Xiaomi presents a lot of choices to the customer at smartphones’ designs. A customer can find a lot of colors or styles at Xiaomi. People can reflect their styles with their smartphones. Apple’s smartphones are more limited in design.


People used to Apple, but this situation can be changed with Xiaomi’s camera quality. Xiaomi’s smartphones have more cameras than Apple’s smartphones. Moreover, Xiaomi’s cameras have higher megapixels than Apple. People can take more vivid color photos with Xiaomi’s camera quality. 

Battery and Fast Charging Technology

Technology has increased every area and people need good battery quality. At last times, Xiaomi is getting better than Apple about the battery. It uses fast charge technology and more successful batteries in smartphones. People, most of the time do not like Apple’s battery quality. Xiaomi used the opportunity and made battery quality better than Apple.


Diversity becomes more important as people’s ties to technology change. Xiaomi shows itself in many areas. People can use Xiaomi’s technology everywhere. You can go to work by Xiaomi’s scooter and your Mi robot clean your house while you are working. The fact that it is so successful in many fields takes it one step ahead.

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