Don’t Buy: Worst Fake Xiaomi Products!

The manufacturing of fake products is widespread today, and there are fake products of every brand on the market. There are also fakes of Xiaomi products. Among the fake Xiaomi products, the product with the highest sales rate is the Redmi Airdots. The Chinese manufacturers, who produce exact clones of the Redmi headphones launched 3 years ago, have subsequently started producing smartwatches, TWS earphones and even SSD. Here are some of the terrible fake Xiaomi products!

$20 16TB Portable “Xiaomi” SSD

Yes, you did not see it wrong. A dealer sells a “Xiaomi” brand SSD for around $20 from AliExpress, which is supposedly 16 TB. What’s more, this SSD has a USB Type-C 3.1 port. Do not be fooled by the fact that there is USB Type-C 3.1 that supports high speeds, because the product description says “read speed 30 MB /s and write speed 37 MB /s”. As a result, it uses the ordinary USB 2.0 protocol on the connection side.

There is no Xiaomi logo on the product, possibly to avoid possible copyright lawsuits. However, there are numerous Xiaomi phrases on the product’s sales page.

$15 1TB Class 10 Micro SD Card

This product, about which not much information has been mentioned, has 4 variants: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. Even the highest model has a maximum capacity of 16GB. Also, this fake Xiaomi SD card is stated to Class 10, but don’t expect high read/write speed. In summary, the product can become completely unusable in a few months and the promised capacity is a fake.

Cheap Mi Band 4 Clone

M4 smart bracelet, the cheapest fake Xiaomi product on the list, which is a clone of the Mi Band 4 launched in 2019, can track your heart rate, blood pressure, step count, sleep and more. It can also display SMS and social media notifications. It is stated that the smart bracelet is water resistant, but it is not known how many meters it is water resistant. The price of the product is very affordable, about $9.

The worst Xiaomi fake product: 9D Stereo (?) Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earbuds

For only $10, this headset has a fun design and does not really look like an original Xiaomi product. The headset’s specs state that it supports Bluetooth 5.0 and has a “Jerry” brand Bluetooth chip. The name Jerry is often mentioned on 1:1 clone AirPods Pros. The sound performance of the product is pretty terrible and there is no way to improve it, even with an equalizer setting. The headset that offers 3 hours of music playback is definitely a product you should not buy.


Fake products are very weak and can suddenly become unusable. Stay away from fake Xiaomi products because the low manufacturing quality and the plastic parts used in the portable products pose a great danger to your health.

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