EU Will Now Force USB Type-C Port on All Devices, Including iPhone!

Law that EU has been struggling with for months has finally been passed, now all devices must use the USB Type-C port. Manufacturers will be forced to create a universal charging solution for all devices, under a new rule proposed by EU. iPhone devices are in section that interests the most. Because Apple never used Micro-USB or USB Type-C on iPhone devices, they always used their own Lightning-USB (iPhone 4 and older series used 30-pin). Xiaomi will also be affected by this law. Because manufactures that use Micro-USB in entry-level devices will also be responsible for this law.

All Devices Switch USB Type-C Until 2024

With the new law adopted by European Parliament (EU), general assembly with 602 votes in favor, 13 against and 8 abstentions, all manufacturers now have to switch to USB Type-C protocol. By the end of 2024, smartphones, tablets and other devices sold in EU will have to be equipped USB Type-C charging port. This law will be more comprehensive than it’s thought, because it’s stated in the articles that it will also cover laptops from 2026.

The EU is forcing USB Type-C, for many reasons. First of all, having a one charging port for all devices will prevent waste. Moreover, the USB Type-C port is a promising protocol, a new standard offering high quality charging and data transfer. The manufacturer that will be most affected by this decision is, of course Apple. Maybe the iPhone 14 series is last generation devices that uses Lightning USB port. This project is expected to save €250M per year.

Xiaomi Redmi Will be Affected by This Law

First devices that come to mind when this law is spoken are iPhone, but other manufacturers will also be included. Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi still uses Micro-USB in its low-end devices. This will also be prevented, even the lowest level device has to use USB Type-C. In this way, a large ecosystem will be tried to be created. Nice advantage that all devices will use same USB port. Redmi also has to use USB Type-C on entry-level devices.

Recently Redmi’s first Pure Android device, the Redmi A1 series was released. First devices Xiaomi has prepared within Android One project after Mi A3. You can find more information about Redmi A1 and Redmi A1+ in this article. Redmi A1 series meets the users with its entry-level hardware and affordable price, but still uses Micro-USB port, this situation will also be avoided with EU law.

Legal Process and Result

The European Council will have to formally approve the prepared directive before it is published in the EU Official Journal (OJEU). The law will enter into force 20 days after its official publication. Member states of European Union will then have 12+12 months to transpose the laws into their constitutions. New rules will be invalid for devices released before the this law. You can find more information for this law from here. Stay tuned for news and more content.


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