Excellent news for Xiaomi 13 / 13 Pro and Xiaomi 12T users: Android 14 based MIUI Global Update is Coming

Mobile technology giant Xiaomi is making a big surprise that excites its users. Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro, and Xiaomi 12T smartphones will soon receive the new Android 14-based MIUI Global update. After the completion of the beta tester recruitment process, selected users will be able to get the update to their devices via Over-the-Air (OTA) update. After a long wait, users will have the opportunity to experience this update.

The beta application process, which lasted for a few weeks, concluded with the selection of participants among users. Now it’s time for the update to be officially released. Xiaomi has meticulously prepared these updates to ensure the best experience for users and plans to roll them out in the coming weeks.

The users selected for the beta test are eagerly awaiting this new update. However, at this point, Xiaomi plays an important role in maximizing user experience. The company continues to rigorously test the updates to ensure they work smoothly. Users are advised to be patient during this process. Because a new operating system update may contain some errors, and fixing these errors may take some time.

The updates prepared for Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro, and Xiaomi 12T smartphones are now fully ready for use. The last internal MIUI builds are as follows: MIUI-V14.0.5.0.UMCMIXM, MIUI-V14.0.5.0.UMCEUXM, and MIUI-V14.0.3.0.UMCCNXM for Xiaomi 13, MIUI-V14.0.5.0.UMBMIXM, MIUI-V14.0.5.0.UMBEUXM, and MIUI-V14.0.2.0.UMBCNXM for Xiaomi 13 Pro, and MIUI-V14.0.5.0.ULQMIXM, MIUI-V14.0.5.0.ULQEUXM for Xiaomi 12T. Selected beta users will have the opportunity to get these builds to their devices via OTA and experience the new update.

However, it should be noted that Android 14 is a new operating system version and therefore may contain some errors. If users encounter unexpected issues after installing the update, they should not hesitate to report this to the developers. Feedback can contribute to making the update more stable. Additionally, users should consider the option of reverting to a more stable version like Android 13 if they encounter significant issues in the Android 14 beta version.

In conclusion, an exciting period is unfolding for Xiaomi users. The Android 14-based MIUI Global update will meet users in the near future. While this update brings new features and improvements, it may also come with potential errors. Users should remember to be patient and contribute to improving the update by providing feedback to the developers. Xiaomi, on the other hand, is diligently working to maximize user experience. Soon, Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro, and Xiaomi 12T users will enjoy the excitement of experiencing this update.

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