Expected MIUI 15 screenshot leaked

The expected MIUI 15 brings one more innovation. It has been revealed that a redesigned about phone section will come right after the new power menu. A post on China’s famous forum coolapk revealed an image of MIUI 15’s about phone section. MIUI 15 will offer both design innovations and is expected to increase system performance with an Android 14 based interface. Here are all the details about MIUI 15 About Phone section in this article!

MIUI 15’s Leaked Screenshot

MIUI 15 screenshot has leaked online for the first time. This leaked MIUI 15 screenshot is a sign that there will be some changes. MIUI 15 has not yet been officially unveiled. Expected to be officially unveiled in China at the end of this month. Weeks before the interface’s unveiling, details about MIUI 15 have started to leak. The leaked screenshot of MIUI 15 shows that the “redesigned about phone section” is coming. Let’s have a look at the leaked MIUI 15 screenshot!

The first screenshot is from the MIUI 14 Global version of the Xiaomi 12T Pro. The Android version and the security patch are in different sections. With the new MIUI 15, both have been added to the same section. In addition, we also see a change in the MIUI version section. The name of the MIUI version has been changed to OS version.

In the OS version section, it says MIUI-V23.9.28. When we check this MIUI build from the official Xiaomi server, we see that it is correct. The screenshot appears to be taken from the Redmi K50 Ultra. Because the image has the model number “22081212C“. All this confirms that Android 14 based MIUI 15 is in testing for Redmi K50 Ultra (Xiaomi 12T Pro).

Redmi K50 Ultra’s internal MIUI 15 build is MIUI-V23.9.28. The MIUI 15 update based on Android 14 is in testing. Xiaomi is developing MIUI 15 and users are already very curious. With the leaked MIUI 15 screenshot, new details have come to light. If you are curious about the expected features of MIUI 15, you can click here. Do not forget to follow us for more content like this.

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