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How Can You Find Out The Quality of Your Phone Parts?

A smartphone consists of various and complex phone parts such as CPU, RAM, battery and so on that powers it and provides you a decent user experience and there are several ways to get information about these parts. We will be talking about two specific ways to access this information and add another as extra.


This app is supported by many platforms and gives you a quite detailed information about your device, things that could even surprise you. Information types are separated into different sections as categories, presenting you an organized way of showing information. You can find and install this app through Play Store

cit phone parts info

Control and Identification Toolbox (CIT)

Another way to see information about all the parts of your device is through CIT menu and this is not an external, so you do not need to install anything.

CIT is a built-in android application that stands forĀ Control and Identification Toolbox. It consists of a list of tests to check each and every single component in your device. This app is usually hidden in your software and can be enabled in several ways.

You can learn more about this toolbox on our other content and see the activation process. If you cannot enable this toolbox, you can either go with AIDA64 app or try on the other method that we will be mentioning as bonus. You can also see your phone parts inside Check Version Info.

xiaomiui phone parts info

Online Websites

There are web pages dedicated to inform your about devices you may have or plan on buying, or simply checking out of curiosity. While these websites will not be giving you a fully-detailed information, it will be much easier to access and you will have access to the information of many other devices. You can use our search bar, typing in the name of the device with which you wish to be informed. You can use our website.


There are certain websites that do comparisons and rank these parts based on performance, parts such as CPU, GPU and so on. With the information that you acquired from these apps, you can now check and see the quality, the performance of your phone parts with a few simple clicks. Here are a few web pages that you can check your parts on:

Processor Ranking List

GPU Ranking List

Camera Sensor Ranking List

Speaker Ranking List

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