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Get MIUI 13 Live Wallpapers on MIUI 12.5 and all Android without Root

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As you might or may not know, with every update, Xiaomi adds new wallpapers to the MIUI. And so MIUI 13 Live Wallpapers are spotted already way before, and so we have both root and rootless guides to install it in older versions such as MIUI 12.5, 12 and so on. The rootless method is also supported on any android device.

Install MIUI 13 Live Wallpapers without Root

If you want to use MIUI 13 Live wallpapers without root, you have to download MIUI 13 live wallpapers zip that contains 20+ APK files.

  • Once they are downloaded, extract the contents inside to somewhere using MIUI File manager or any alternative file manager.
  • Once they are extracted, install them like how would you install a normal APK file.
  • Now as MIUI limits live wallpapers from being applied, we will use a small trick here to work around with that.
  • Download the Google’s wallpaper app.
  • Open it.Go into live wallpapers section. On here, apply the wallpaper

And that’s it, you should have the MIUI 13 super wallpapers on your device now.

Install MIUI 13 Wallpapers with Root

For this method MIUI China is STRONGLY recommended.

Download the required module from here before starting. Download here

  • Enter Magisk, go to modules.
  • Tap on “Install from storage”.
  • Choose the zip file you just downloaded.
  • Once it finishes flashing/installing, reboot.

And that’s how you get MIUI 13 super wallpapers on older MIUI devices both root and rootless way. Credits to Creations by RD Telegram channel for providing the APK files for the non-root method.

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