Global smartphone shipments drop by 11% – Xiaomi still in third place

Global smartphone shipments and sales this year have dropped by 11% compared to Q1 2021, due to the global chip shortage and not-good economic situations, resulting in the aforementioned drop in sales and a lack of marketshare this year, though the marketshare drop isn’t that large. But, Xiaomi is still holding its high spot in the ranks, and looks like they will be keeping it for a long while. Other brands are also competing to get to a higher spot, and Samsung seems to be the king at the moment.


The current uncertainty in the smartphone market seems like its going to last for a while more, with the chip shortage, and lack of demand for new devices. Due to this, the global smartphone shipments are falling immensely, and companies are making less devices, and selling less. Here are a few quotes from one of Canalys’ Analysts, Sanyam Chaurasia.

“Despite the looming uncertainty in global markets, the leading vendors accelerated their growth by broadening device portfolios for 2022. While the iPhone 13 series continues to capture consumer demand, the new iPhone SE launched in March is becoming an important mid-range volume driver for Apple. At a similar price point to its predecessor, it offers an upgraded chipset and improved battery performance and adds the 5G connectivity that operator channels are demanding.”

“At the same time, Samsung ramped up production of its popular A series to compete aggressively in the mid-to-low-end segment while refreshing its 2022 portfolio, including its flagship Galaxy S22 series. While Chinese vendors are still suffering supply constraints at the low end, their global expansion is being hampered by a slowdown in their home market.

-Sanyam Chaurasia, Canalys


Global smartphone shipments chart

However, in 2022 marketshare, Samsung kept its lead with 24% of all global smartphone shipments, with a 5% increase compared to Q4 2021, Apple at a close second with 18%, from 15% last year, and Xiaomi is at third place, due to the sales of their Redmi Note series, at 13%, though with a 1% decrease compared to Q4 2021, while OnePlus and OPPO are at fourth place, with a 10% marketshare, following Xiaomi’s 1% marketshare drop, so do they, with Vivo at dead last, with an 8% marketshare.

The situation with global smartphone shipments doesn’t seem to be getting any better, due to the chip shortage, but we expect it to get slightly better by mid-summer of this year. And if it doesn’t, we’ll see what kind of results we get in the smartphone market. You can talk about this topic in our Telegram channel, which you can join here.

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