Google Play Web Interface Has Been Changed!

Google Play web interface was long old, same and never updated. Radical appearance changes that came to Google applications and Android interface with Android 12 were also expected for Google Play web version. And finally, the web interface of Google Play has completely changed. Now there is a brand new and stylish interface!

New Google Play Web Interface

Google aims to offer a better experience to users by updating design of Google Play. This change has been planned for a long time and now, new interface has been presented to users. With this change, Google Play web interface is now stylish and aesthetic just like mobile. There is no trace of the old interface, Google Play is now fully compatible with many interface changes that come with Android 12.

Looking at Google Play web homepage, we see that there is no trace of old version. Fully synchronized with mobile application. There are categories at the top. Search bar, user account and help icon are also placed in upper right corner. Not limited to only interface changes, there are newly added menus.

Here is a new search bar, and search menu. It looks pretty stylish. Moreover, web version now has Google Sans font. Old version, which hasn’t been updated for a long time, didn’t have this font. You choose to install the application on your Android devices. So, new Google Play web interface is nice and successful.

This is a new apps page, same as mobile Google Play app. Top tabs are for app classification by device type. Phone, Tablet, TV, ChromeBook, Watch and even Car category are available. In this way, you will be able to get best results for whatever device type you are looking for.

When you press your account profile picture, library, payments and other options appear, just like in mobile version. You can also manage, add and remove your devices by entering Google Play web settings from here. Option to switch between accounts or sign out is also available.

This is new Google Play web settings menu, where you can set your e-mail options. Adjust this section if you want to receive notifications about new updates about Google Play. And there are also authorization options, you decide for yourself whether you can buy applications from Google Play web. A good option for your security.

This is new Google Play web device management menu. From this page, you can check your devices you have signed in with, first sign-in date of device, and date your device was last used. It’s very comprehensive and useful. In addition, there is a switch to hide unused devices from application installation menu.

Google Play web interface has also been changed specifically for kids. There are new Kids menu, same as mobile version. Special categories for children, educational applications and age-appropriate games available. There is an age range option at bottom, a nice detail for making more compatible choices. You will have a safe menu that is free of content that is not suitable for kids age with this page.

This menu is for you to check your payment methods. You can also check your purchase history and instant subscriptions. In short, this is payment management menu. Google Play web interface should have this part as well. You can go to new Google Play web from here.

As a result, it was necessary to replace a Google Play web interface from years ago. It’s even considered too late for this process. New interface will be liked by users. Because it’s very useful and there is not even a trace of its old useless interface. If you are wondering how to install applications on Android devices without using Play Store, you can visit here. You can comment new Google Play web interface below, and stay tuned for more.

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