How safe are Xiaomi Phones?

We all agree that Xiaomi phones are budget-friendly, but what about privacy and security? As we all know, Xiaomi is a Chinese manufacturer and according to the sources, is not as trustworthy with your privacy and data, do not surprise because all of these companies do the same thing such as Google and Apple. So, in this article, we will explain ‘’How Safe are Xiaomi Phones?’’ and try to make you think about it very carefully before buying a Xiaomi phone.

Why do Companies Use your Personal Data?

First things first, if you do not want to accept that some companies using your data through your smartphone, or a social media account, you should not even use a smartphone. All the smartphone manufacturers have some form of an analytic tool in their products to learn use usage patterns and optimize their software experience. Some of them use your data for further monetization too.

With Google, all your contacts, call history, and location history are automatically backed up to its servers in name of convenience. If you want full security you should buy yourself a phone with no internet connection, but do you know how safe are Xiaomi phones?

How Safe are Xiaomi Phones?

There are some speculations about this question, but we try to answer the question of ‘’How Safe are Xiaomi Phones?’’ In some news, they accused Xiaomi of ‘stealing’ user data and sending it back to their servers in Beijing. As we have mentioned before Xiaomi is not the only company that uses its consumers’ personal data, almost all companies do it.

You need to find an answer to these questions first; Do you have any information you are afraid might get into the wrong hands? Are you in any of the military? Are you in intelligence agencies where you fear your data can get compromised or are you just afraid that your internet browsing history is being shared with third parties who might get to know what you are searching for? If your only concern is the third question, you do not need to worry that much.

Is it Safe to Use Xiaomi Phones?

Not only is safe to use Xiaomi’s smartphones but it is safer than using other smartphones. When the StageFright case happened, millions of Android phones were infected, but Xiaomi’s MIUI OS was unaffected. When an exploit was heard globally, Xiaomi had already repaired it months before the incident.

So, as we have come to the ”How Safe are Xiaomi Phones?” subject, we need to mention a few things. First, hackers tried to get into Xiaomi’s various IoT devices too, but Xiaomi has been looking at all corners of their IoT security so that hackers cannot defeat it. So, Xiaomi phones have awesome hardware, and security, especially for the price they are being offered for.

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